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An appeal of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate to the Ukrainian government and nation

Lvov (Ukraine), 9 April 2011

The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate (BCP) was established on 5 April 2011. Archbishop Elijah (65) was elected Patriarch. The reason for the establishment is primarily personal, not territorial. The Western Catholic Church has opened up to heresies which deny the foundations of the faith. These heresies deny the Divinity of Christ, His historical and real Resurrection, the eternity of hell and all the miracles in the Bible. They deny the Divine inspiration of Scripture. The spirit of Assisi caused the pagan worship of demons to be considered a way of salvation equal to Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. This is ‘haeresis maxima’. He who has accepted these heresies has already excluded himself from the Church of Christ.

Announcement of establishment of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate (BCP)

Lvov, 7 April 2011

President of Ukraine V. Yanukovych

Members of Government

Members of Parliament

Dear Mr President, dear Sirs and Madams,

we hereby announce to You that on 5 April 2011 the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate was proclaimed. Archbishop Elijah (65) was appointed the first Patriarch.

The seat of the Patriarchate is in Lvov, Ukraine.

By establishment of the Patriarchate built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets God has offered a solution for all true Catholics even outside Ukraine.

Announcement and warning to the Catholic and Orthodox Patriarchs

Lvov, 7 April 2011

Your Beatitude!

a) We hereby announce to You that by reason of a deep crisis in the Catholic Church and for the sake of defence of the saving faith the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate (BCP) was established. This Patriarchate is headed by Patriarch Elijah (65). Those Catholic believers who are not in agreement with heresies and with the apostatical hierarchy are thus given patronage of an orthodox structure of the Catholic Church. The BCP dissociates itself from the contemporary heresies.

The seat of the Patriarchate is in Lvov, Ukraine.

An appeal of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate to the hierarchy of the UGCC

Lvov, 7 April 2011


The Bishops’ Synod of the UOGCC sent an appeal to each bishop of the UGCC in a personal letter of 1 April 2011. The Synod emphasized an extremely serious time when Ukraine witnesses changes in legislation, establishment of homodictatorship and implementation of juvenile justice which removes children from normal families.

You were reminded of the fact that in 2008 You fell under God’s anathema by reason of unity with the spirit of heresies of ex-Card. L. Husar. Apart from other heresies, he also openly approves of homosexuality. Therefore we appealed to each of You to confess the true Catholic faith before God and in the presence of witnesses. Furthermore, we asked You to write a pastoral letter in which You should call upon all believers of the particular Greek-Catholic eparchies to participate in demonstrations in the eparchial towns.

Announcement of establishment and proclamation of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate /letter to the Holy Father/

Lvov, 7 April 2011
The Annunciation

Benedict XVI

Supreme Pontiff

Città del Vaticano


Your Holiness,

in an extraordinary assembly of 5 April 2011, the Bishops’ Synod of the Ukrainian orthodox Greek-Catholic Church considered the critical situation in the Catholic Church and violation of the saving faith. The tragedy is that many Catholic believers as well as the hierarchy accept a new teaching and a different spirit which is contrary to the fundamental truths of the Gospel and the Apostolic Tradition.

The response of the Synod to this catastrophic state was establishment and proclamation of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate. Its purpose is to give patronage to all believers who desire to preserve the sacred deposit of the Catholic faith, regardless of nationality or belonging to any of the Catholic Churches or traditions.

882 bishops of the European Union excommunicated from the Church (5.04.2010)

Lvov, 5th April 2010

On 4th April 2010, the Day of the Resurrection of Christ, 882 bishops of the EU states excommunicated themselves from the Mystical Body of Christ – the Church. On 19th February 2010 they were publicly appealed again to confess the faith. However, they publicly denied Christ and His Gospel. They obstinately persist in unity with the contemporary heresies and with the spirit that is behind them. This spirit as well as the very heresies deny the essence of our salvation and of whole Christianity. Anathema – God’s punishment – cannot be removed from them even by the Pope himself unless they themselves repent in public. Supposing they die in obstinacy, they will be eternally condemned. As from 4th April 2010, they occupy the Church posts unlawfully and none of the believers can obey them. Starting from 5th April 2010, the sacraments administered by them are invalid. From the same date the priests ordained by them will be no priests!

Declaration of excommunication against the Polish and Irish bishops (17.11.2009)

The Catholic Church is undergoing an extremely great crisis. Instead of the process of renewal through true biblical repentance there continues the process of self-destruction. Full responsibility for this state falls on the Church hierarchy. Therefore on 15th March and 15th September 2009 our Synod of the Ukrainian orthodox Greek-Catholic Church appealed to all Bishops of the Catholic Church to publicly confess their faith and to renounce the contemporary heresies by 25th December 2009. Public denial of faith and persistence in unity with heresies is connected with the latae sententiae penalty of excommunication (can. 1364 §1 CIC), i.e. expulsion from the Church. According to God’s law everyone who denied the faith falls under the punishment of God’s anathema – God’s curse.

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