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882 bishops of the European Union excommunicated from the Church (5.04.2010)

Lvov, 5th April 2010

On 4th April 2010, the Day of the Resurrection of Christ, 882 bishops of the EU states excommunicated themselves from the Mystical Body of Christ – the Church. On 19th February 2010 they were publicly appealed again to confess the faith. However, they publicly denied Christ and His Gospel. They obstinately persist in unity with the contemporary heresies and with the spirit that is behind them. This spirit as well as the very heresies deny the essence of our salvation and of whole Christianity. Anathema – God’s punishment – cannot be removed from them even by the Pope himself unless they themselves repent in public. Supposing they die in obstinacy, they will be eternally condemned. As from 4th April 2010, they occupy the Church posts unlawfully and none of the believers can obey them. Starting from 5th April 2010, the sacraments administered by them are invalid. From the same date the priests ordained by them will be no priests!

Declaration of excommunication against the Polish and Irish bishops (17.11.2009)

The Catholic Church is undergoing an extremely great crisis. Instead of the process of renewal through true biblical repentance there continues the process of self-destruction. Full responsibility for this state falls on the Church hierarchy. Therefore on 15th March and 15th September 2009 our Synod of the Ukrainian orthodox Greek-Catholic Church appealed to all Bishops of the Catholic Church to publicly confess their faith and to renounce the contemporary heresies by 25th December 2009. Public denial of faith and persistence in unity with heresies is connected with the latae sententiae penalty of excommunication (can. 1364 §1 CIC), i.e. expulsion from the Church. According to God’s law everyone who denied the faith falls under the punishment of God’s anathema – God’s curse.

Promulgation of anathema on cardinals of the Catholic Church

His Holiness

Benedict XVI

Città del Vaticano

The below-named cardinals were appealed along with other Catholic bishops in March 2009 to confess the true faith and to renounce the contemporary heresies by 14th September 2009, the feast of Exaltation of the Holy Cross. On 25th August 2009 they were appealed for the second time. They denied their faith, they betrayed Christ, they did not dissociate themselves from the contemporary heresies and from the spirit of apostasy. Thus they called down on themselves God’s anathema (cf. Gal 1:8-9) as well as the canonical penalty of latae sententiae excommunication by reason of heresy according to can. 1364 §1 CIC.

By this announcement we just bring into the open the painful reality before the whole Church. As from this day, i.e. 15th September 2009, the below-named cardinals are excommunicated from the Catholic Church. They now hold their office unlawfully. The decrees issued by them will be invalid. Likewise the sacraments administered by them as from this day, with the exception of Baptism, are invalid. Unless they repent of their betrayal, they will be eternally condemned!

Promulgation of anathema on 272 bishops (16.08.2009)

44 Vatican officials publicly betrayed Christ. Anathema on the leading representatives of papal dicasteries (cardinals and bishops). Anathema on the main leaders of the Focolare movement. Anathema on 228 bishops of India.

All of them were publicly appealed to renounce heresies, close cooperation with Freemasons and to confess the true Catholic faith. However, by their attitude they remained in unity with the spirit of heresy and apostasy and renounced the Spirit of Christ. In accordance with Gal 1:8-9 they are under God’s curse – anathema and according to the canon law they incur the latae sententiae penalty of excommunication.

Abduction of a postulant from the monastery in Bryukhovychi

The relatives involved, with the support of government authorities and police forces, took the girl from the monastery against her will, resorting to violence and deceit. The responsibility for such actions lies with Card. L. Husar and Archbp. I. Voznyak. These are actions directed towards a decay of the Catholic Church: proclamation of heresies, persecution of those who speak openly about apostasy from faith, and, moreover, an abuse of the feelings of parents and an abuse of the state authorities.

The monastery came out of the jurisdiction of Card. L. Husar who overtly preaches heresies. The monastery supports the attitude of the orthodox Catholic Bishops’ Synod headed by Archbishop Mikhailo Osidach, wherefore a great pressure on the part of the Church government is being exerted upon it.

Under the pressure of Card. L. Husar and his co-workers the state authorities refuse to register the orthodox Catholic Synod, which, however, contradicts the Ukrainian laws. This fact puts the orthodox Catholic Synod, sisters of the contemplative monastery, laymen and all who support them outside the law. This is religious discrimination.

SOS to the Slovak Catholics

Lvov (Ukraine), 11 May 2011

Dear Catholic faithful,

the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate is turning to You in this historic moment. At present, the spiritual and physical future of Slovakia is being decided. Western Catholic Church is experiencing a great spiritual crisis and moral decay. During the Pope’s visit to the U.S. or Australia, no sooner did he deplane than he apologized for paedophiliac scandals caused by priests and bishops. 160,000 Catholics struck off their names from the Church in Germany last year and 60,000 in Austria. Jehovah’s Witnesses and other sects, catch mainly lukewarm Catholics in masses. In 2009, Ireland was about to decide for or against the enactment of the so-called Lisbon Treaty which has put on the first place propaganda of homosexuality.

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“You are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus, for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.”

Gal 3:26-27 (17/6/2018 – 1/7/2018)