As we said above, the subcutaneous microchip will be introduced to us as a wonderful device so that we’ll accept it without a second thought. But never forget this: if you let them implant that crap in your body, it will be over with your free agency, your privacy and your freedom!

So here are some wicked arguments that were introduced by A.D.S. and its subsidiary company, Verichip Corp. The chip implants will be used for:

 Safety in Internet applications for all transactions concerning electronic exchanges (e-commerce, e-payments)

 Research and rescue of individuals, including missing children or kids taken as hostages etc.

 Medical monitoring of high-risk patients

 Supervision tracking and follow through of soldiers, diplomats or any other important member of a government

 Tracking, surveillance and checking of the authenticity of valuables

 Tracking, localization and follow through with the tracks or trails of people who like extreme sports (hiking, skiing, mountain climbing, sky diving etc.) and who could get hurt seriously after an accident

 Tracking and localization of kidnapped (or murdered) children

 Use in the war against “terror” (in airports and elsewhere)

What humanism!

Please notice that the words “supervision”, “tracking”, “surveillance”, “research”, “localization” and “checking” come back in a cyclic and almost obsessive, psychopathic way!

The microchip will be accepted by people because of so-called “safety” reasons: they will link the above beneficial effects of the microchip implant to the remedy against terrible events that will have occurred and that will – of course – supposedly never occur again thanks to the microchip (those events will eventually have been created in that purpose or even deliberately wanted: terrorist attacks, a particularly odious murder or a spectacular kidnapping, for instance!).

The microchip will also be related to eases, convenience, in particular financial or safety eases (“with that microchip in you, your money or your bank card will never be stolen anymore!”; “no more terrorists in airports: they’ll be detected and identified way before their coming!”, etc.).

Plus, the microchip will be “cool”, “fun”, and “trendy”! It’s the embodiment of progress “that we can’t stop, anyway”…

The only thing is to know what kind of “progress” we’re talking about!

During the Cebit event in Hannover (Germany), in early March 2010, visitors were asked whether they would accept a chip under their skin! Although 78% of visitors have declined, between 16 and 23% agreed to be chipped if it brought them some kind of advantage!

This is the way they’ll try to have people accepting the evil chip: tempting them with so-called “advantages” and “benefits”!

Financial arguments are very important for the development of the microchip implant: let’s not forget that since its conception, the microchip was thought in terms of worldwide government AND OF WORLDWIDE CURRENCY!

You’ll just need to put your hand (or your forehead) in front of an ad hoc scanner, and your “virtual bank account” will be automatically debited of the amount of your purchases. They’ll quickly replace bank cards, currencies and their “weaknesses” by the subcutaneous microchip, “unbeatable and hyper convenient”. Do you think this is only speculation? Then, you should think twice! For example, a certain professor Kevin Warwick, from the cybernetics department of the university of Reading (U.K.) and who was implanted with the microchip, claimed not so long ago (on the 10th of October 1999) during a television broadcast called “Souriez, vous êtes filmés” (“Smile, you’re filmed”), on the French speaking TV channel Arte, that “soon, bank cards (and of course the identity card, passport, social security card etc.) will be replaced by an electronic implant”!

And what do we see today? We can see that subcutaneous microchips contaminated dozens of countries and spread all around the world!

This financial purpose is about to be reached: in the USA, people already adopted “contactless” bank cards that contain RFID chips. The problem is that those RFID bank cards are hackable and allow identity theft, and even the theft of your money! Any hacker who knows what he (or she) is doing can steal money from you! This was denounced by the American organization CASPIAN (Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion And Numbering).

But DESPITE abyssal dangers and the persistent possibility of hacking of these RFID smart cards, they KEEP spreading around the world, mainly because mainstream media only advertise their alleged “benefits”, and hide their dangers!

The next step will probably be to tell people to stick this contactless smart card UNDER THEIR SKIN (subcutaneous chip)! This way, “you won’t lose it anymore, and they won’t be able to steal it from you any longer” (unless, of course… they mutilate you!).

In late June 2006, we learned that an American biometric fingerprint payment system named “Pay By Touch” would begin to be implemented in Britain. So cashless society is developping, and is not an illusion or a hoax.

In the U.S., several banks already offer bank cards embedded with an RFID chip. However, the subcutaneous chip is ALSO a RFID (radio frequency identification) system!

In the “Baja Beach Club” nightclubs in Barcelona and Rotterdam, as well as in Glasgow’s “Bar Soba”, the subcutaneous chip is being promoted and people get chipped so they can pay without any cash!

Rest assured that, if we do not react, the microchip, designed to reach a unique and global currency, will be proposed at first, then systematically imposed as a “valid” means of payment, for the (false) reasons cited above.

Furthermore, imagine the colossal profits that PositiveID (and other companies producing subcutaneous microchips) will make from all those operations! This represents an extremely juicy market! The patents were acquired by A.D.S. for the “modest” amount of $130 millions. Usually, you don’t spend such a fortune if you’re not sure to make benefits!

But in a society where that chip will be almost universal, what will happen to those who will refuse the microchip implant? They won’t be able to sell nor buy without that bloody implant, and they will have to survive like dropouts, bartering here and there…

Some theories and hypothesis assert that this subcutaneous microchip will only be proposed, then imposed to us, after an enormous crash, a worldwide economical catastrophe… or that other options will be joined to the microchip implant to make it even more attractive (like the possibility to combine it with a cellphone, for example). And, what an unfortunate “coincidence”, we are now experiencing a period of… global economic crisis.

Finally, the last pretexts to “chip” people are medical gibberish (and so, humanistic and “indisputable”, since it’s about people’s health). The chip would allow to “save lives” by giving vital informations on people entering the hospital and being inconscious: their allergies, their blood type, their medical records etc. The microchip could measure the blood sugar levels of diabetics, identify viruses in the blood, or “enhance” the processing of the patients’ records… Obviously, all of this is just a pretext to spread a device whose dangers (even for health!) were already shown and proved. Please note: the current chips system absolutely requires a CENTRALIZED DATABASE which is placed on the Internet. Is it really a “unfortunate coincidence” that at the moment, there’s a push for the adoption of electronic medical records, which are precisely placed on centralized databases?


Knowing what you now know, would you get chipped, or would you let your child get chipped?


Kids: an essential public and stake

Children and teenagers always were a particular and “privileged” public for the scums making and selling subcutaneous microchips for humans.

WHY are kids so important to them? It’s just because they are the NERVE OF THE “MICROCHIP WAR”!

We do love our children and we naturally want them to be safe. This is the perfect “breach” for the companies marketing the subcutaneous microchips for humans! “We live in an unsafe world, full of terrorists, kidnappers, sexual offenders and other bogeymen”, do they whisper in our ears.

To protect your kids in a safe way, you should have them be tracked electronically, or even microchipped, do they assert. They male you naively believe in the MYTH and LURE of “total security” and they try to persuade you that, thanks to that chip, the safety problem would be “resolved”!

These scumbags are playing with parents’ emotions! Besides, chipping the children is also an indirect means to touch the adults too. By the time the parents will have got their kids “chipped” and note that, finally and apparently, “chipping” doesn’t seem something dangerous but, on the contrary, “protects” their children, they will be tempted to get chipped themselves! BIG MISTAKE! Because the dangers of the chip are and will be there! In the U.S.A. or in Japan, some parents already begin to sacrifice (often without even noticing, and they’re minimizing the facts) the freedom of their kids for a so-called “safety”! In Mexico and Brasil (countries where kidnappings of children are “usual”), the chip industry succeeded in convincing some persons to have their children “chipped”!

If the current adult generation still shows reluctance regarding this infernal implant, kids can be brainwashed more easily: they don’t have an analytical mind yet, and they can be “attracted” in a quite simple way. Showing films and cartoons to the kids in which chips and RFID related topics are found, helps “sensibilizing” them. Watch closely the last movies that were released in the theatres, recent videogames or cartoons, and you’re gonna ba amazed by what you’ll find!

Have your kids wearing RFID tags and even subcutaneous microchips at a young age, and within less than a generation, everybody will find that wearing this abject subdermal implant is “NORMAL”! This is one of the main goals that people who market the subcutaneous microchips for humans (and the members of the New World Order) want to reach!


Manufacturers of chip implants for humans try to cover their tracks…

Given the controversy and the opposition from some people against chip impants due to the countless dangers that these chips represent, the companies that produce and sell these abominations have adopted a particularly peRFIDious and hypocritical tactics : they either

  • Hide the fact that they sell implantable chips for humans,
  • Try to rebuild a good reputation by changing their name and/or the name of the chip,
  • Invoke humanist and so-called “medical” excuses (despite the fact that these chips are carcinogenic!).

For example, the company named Trovan, which briefly made the advertising for its implantable RFID chips for humans, the 100IH-ID and ID-100IH/A chips (see http://www.mediafire.com/view/?nn1tmiywezx), removed hurriedly from its website any mention of these chips for humans. But Internet users had downloaded the advertising brochure showing that these chips were sold by Trovan. And so, you can still download this brochure (see the Mediafire link above).

For some time, there have been some technical differences in the chips and in the policy of the Applied Digital Solutions (ADS)/Digital Angel/VeriChip Corp./PositiveID/VeriTeQ consortium. Do not be fooled! These despicable companies are only trying to look good and to cover their tracks, while depicting microchip opponents as wacky idiots, retrogrades, liars and so on.

The company split into different entities who have different names (VeriChip Corp., “PositiveID” and the latest, VeriTeQ), and they bought many subsidiaries. Its chip even changed names (it is not called the VeriChip anymore).

At the moment, the verichip is not implanted in the back of the hand anymore: it is implanted in the back of the arm (triceps).

All of this, of course, is done to thwart the denunciations of Christians who see these chips as the mark of the beast (a mark that is given on or in the hand or the forehead – see Chapter 6)…

NEVERTHELESS, you have to know that ADS comes back little by little to its first resolutions: for instance, we can talk about the project aiming to use the verichip in order to unlock the triggers of “intelligent” fire weapons (smartguns) and that would mean that gun owners or policemen would be implanted… in the back of the hand (let’s take note that the Belgian armateur “FN Herstal” takes part to that “smartgun” project…)! So, you can see how sly this malevolent company is, and how easily they can lure you and fool you! SO PLEASE STAY VIGILANT AND, WHATEVER HAPPENS, DON’T GET “CHIPPED”!

The verichip, which ought to be an active chip (receiving and transmitting data at any time and without your knowledge), is, in its current configuration, a passive chip (which is only activated when a scanner goes over the microchip)…

HOWEVER, be aware that the plan of making the verichip an active RFID chip is still going strong, and that VeriChip, PositiveID and VeriTeQ still think about it eagerly! In fact, they already have prototypes of active RFID chips, and the only thing prenventing them to commercialize these as implants, is the size of these active RFID chips.

The miniaturization related to nanotechnology will certainly suppress the size barrier, since the first implantable RFID nano-chips – also called nano transponders – are ready (and are only  0.7  cm  long  –  cf.  http://www.trovan.com/news/files/5c811f33f28f347dda5e6c8d7b2d3b0d-12.html)!

In fact, nothing prevents ADS to release on the market a first version of its subcutaneous microchip for humans and, once that model will be well spread and accepted, to introduce a second model which will have all the characteristics mentioned in the beginning of this article! Besides, the dangers for your health, the risk of suppression of your privacy and the immense peril of mind control still remain!



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