The existence of NEURAL CHIPS AND BRAINCHIPS, which are directly implanted into the nerves or brain, is of paramount importance. We can therefore list the infamous “brain-machine interface program” project developed by the DARPA (U.S. Department of Defense) or the “Activa Parkinson’s Control Therapy” developed by Medtronic, or the “Braingate” and “NeuroPort” systems developed by Cyberkinetics. We can also mention the very dangerous MMEA (Multiple micro electrodes array) brainchip. These chips, of course, allow a TOTAL mental, behavioral and emotional control, and allow to cause pleasure or… PAIN to the poor implanted person, at the whim of the person who sends waves from a ground station! These chips are not only an effective means of population control, but also a terrible and dangerous WEAPON!

These neural chips and brainchips have ALREADY been used in France and Belgium on patients with Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease in order to reduce some disturbing symptoms of these diseases (note that this is in NO WAY a “cure”! These chips do not allow to heal the patient, they only suppress uncomfortable symptoms). I must also say a word about the inhuman project of the DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, a U.S. defense body, i.e. a military agency) aimed to chain the human mind and body through a brainchip: this project, based on microchips implanted in the brain, in the nerves, on the neurons or on soft tissues of the body (!), is called “Brain Machine Interface Program”. It allows, thanks to BIDIRECTIONAL BRAINCHIPS, to somehow play the role of a “remote control” to control totally (like remote controlled cars!) the implanted animals and humans; this infamous method also provides the basis for the development of “telepathy “and “telekinesis” (= transhumanist “enhancement” of the powers of the human being) through these chips which act as relays.

In reality, this invention allows a human being to act on the outer world thanks to microchips and micro-electrodes, BUT IT ALSO ALLOWS AN “OUTSIDE” SOURCE TO ACT DIRECTLY ON THE INDIVIDUAL AND TO CONTROL HIM!

THIS TECHNOLOGICAL HORROR SPELLS THE END OF FREE WILL, AND IT SUPPRESSES ANY SELF CONTROL, INCLUDING CONTROL ON ONE’S THOUGHTS AND MOVEMENTS! THE INDIVIDUAL BECOMES A PUPPET, A ZOMBIE WHOSE MOVEMENTS, EMOTIONS, FEELINGS… ARE CONTROLLED FROM THE OUTSIDE! And given the very sensitive areas where this device is placed (on neurons in the brain, or on nerves), removing the implant would be very dangerous, and would require the intervention of major surgery. It could even cause irreversible damage! So, THE INDIVIDUAL COULD NOT REMOVE THIS IMPLANT BY HIMSELF ANYMORE… This is what is now called “TECHNOLOGICAL POSSESSION” OF THE INDIVIDUAL.

Recently, volunteer patients with Parkinson’s disease were used as guinea pigs in these revolting experiments. Everything, of course, was done under so-called “humanist” pretenses aimed to “perform tests in order to help patients recover from their illness” or to “improve their daily lives”… Do not forget though that the DARPA is a military defense organization; therefore, its projects are not based on humanism or on the good that is done to your neighbour, unlike what the propaganda of the regime is trying to let us think naively! Try these words (Brain Machine Interface Program) into a search engine, and you will find websites about this dreadful program.

Other neural chips or brainchips already exist. Let’s list, for instance, the Braingate system developed by Cyberkinetics (cf. http://www.cyberkineticsinc.com/), or the awful MMEA chip (Multiple micro electrode array – see http://philadelphians.50megs.com/MMEA.html).

These hyper dangerous brainchips, which make it possible to control the behavior, the emotions, the feelings, and even the actions of implanted individuals, are now trivialized in a vile way, and presented by the mass media propaganda as a way for humans to be “cured”, to acquire conveniences and even to gain “new powers” such as telepathy, for example (see http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1210750/The-telepathy-chip-lets-control-computers-using-power-thought.html). This is a revival of the Nazi concept of the Ubermensch (superman), and it’s promoted by the transhumanists, these mad scientists who want to modify themselves physically through technology in order to become “post-humans” or supermen, or even to achieve “immortality”!

THE YEAR 2020 WAS CONFIRMED AS A DEADLINE FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF CHIP IMPLANTS, including brainchips, which are promoted by infamous companies such as Intel (cf. http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/print/9141180/Intel_Chips_in_brains_will_control_computers_by_2020?taxonomyName=Development&taxonomyId=11)! The technique is well known: you try to entice naive persons, showing them nothing but the practicality and the convenience of brainchips, while “forgetting” to tell them about their dangerous and draconian aspects. We only have a few years left to react and to avoid the worst!

In order to know a bit more about the brain machine interface program and the MMEA brainchip, I recommend this well documented file (in 4 parts): http://www.angelfire.com/d20/philadelphians/MMEA.html

A chip in the brain, that will turn you into a slave, and that you won’t be able to remove anymore… Are you interested?


The brainchips’ operating principle

The general principle is quite simple: the person undergoes a neurosurgery operation (heavy and delicate operation). During the operation, he/she’s implanted with a chip, in the cortex and in the brain surface. The chip contains an array of microelectrodes. This chip is usually squared. It’s only a few millimeters wide, it’s placed on the brain and it contains a series of mini “spikes” which are inserted in the cortex (see below).








An electric wire comes out of this chip, and is connected to a wireless transceiver (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth). See the illustration below.

Brainchip: the mark in the forehead…


A transceiver is installed on either side of the skull (outside AND inside the skull). This transceiver is used to send orders to the outside – the orders are sent in the form of waves -, BUT ALSO TO RECEIVE ORDERS FROM THE OUTSIDE – so there is bidirectionality). Small note: “wireless” systems are harmful to health, and this is especially true for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth systems (see http://www.next-up.org/France/Wifi.php#1, for example).

The implanted person can then issue orders to the outside from her brain: the chip records the orders and sends them, through the wire, to the transceiver which transmits the waves outward. BUT THE OUTER WORLD CAN ALSO SEND WAVES COMING TO THE TRANSCEIVER. THEN THE WAVES REACH THE CHIP THROUGH THE ELECTRIC WIRE AND ACTIVATE THIS CHIP WHICH IS LOCATED IN THE BRAIN! THIS ALLOWS TO SEND INFORMATION THAT MAY – DEPENDING ON THE LOCATION WHERE THE CHIP IS IMPLANTED – CAUSE SEIZURES, PRODUCE MOVEMENTS, CREATE VISUAL OR AUDIO HALLUCINATIONS, CAUSE A RISE OR A DECREASE IN THE PRODUCTION OF HORMONES – WHICH WILL HAVE AN IMPACT ON THE BEHAVIOR -, OR EVEN ACTIVATE THE CENTER OF PAIN IN THE BRAIN (= torture)! And the WORST is that there is no way to fight against these orders coming from the outside! Our will can do nothing against it: the orders arrive and are transmitted in an unstoppable mechanical and physical process that activates the brain!

Despite these terrible dangers, the propaganda goes on. It is so true that, in the USA, there’s a center aimed to PROMOTE NEURAL AND BRAINCHIP IMPLANTS, and it even has a website: http://sitemaker.umich.edu/cnct/home .

Maybe you think that we’re safe in Europe, about these brainchips… it’s a serious mistake. THE “INSTITUTE OF SPINE AND BRAIN” IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION IN PARIS, at the La Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital. It will be used, amonth other things, to implant the first brainchips and to IMPLEMENT THE BRAIN MACHINE INTERFACE PROGRAMS – cf. http://afp.google.com/article/ALeqM5gX1qxrzy70JHDPFlwdZqyxE1ZEWw ! IN LATE 2008, WE HAVE LEARNED THAT MORE THAN 16 PATIENTS WITH OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDERS HAD ALREADY BEEN CHIPPED IN THE BRAIN THROUGHOUT FRANCE AND VARIOUS HOSPITALS under so-called “medical” purposes (cf. https://secure.gn.apc.org/members/www.bilderberg.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=9436)!

Finally, those who still think that the very serious kind of thing we are talking about here is only “chimeric” and spread by “conspiracy theorists”, should open their eyes. Film director Aaron Russo, in an interview, admitted that he talked with Nicholas Rockefeller (a member of the global “elite”) who told him that the ultimate goal was, for the “elite”, to have a population which is fully controled and microchipped, as well as reaching a halving of the world’s population (see http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/january2007/290107rockefellergoal.htm)! This is a very serious warning not to be taken lightly …

However, if this warning was not clear enough, here’s what Jose Delgado (a mad-scientist worthy of Frankenstein and Mengele, and who developed a brainchip for humans called “stimoceiver”), clearly stated:

“We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. THE PURPOSE IS PHYSICAL CONTROL OF THE MIND. EVERYONE WHO DEVIATES FROM THE GIVEN NORM CAN BE SURGICALLY MUTILATED. … The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective. MAN DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO DEVELOP HIS OWN MIND. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. WE MUST ELECTRONICALLY CONTROL THE BRAIN. SOMEDAY ARMIES AND GENERALS WILL BE CONTROLLED BY ELECTRIC STIMULATION OF THE BRAIN.”

Such were Dr. Jose Delgado’s statements as they appeared in the February 24, 1974 issue of Congressional Record, N° 262 E, Vol.118. The demonic purposes openly confessed here are: mind control of the individual and population control.

Note also that Jose Delgado is the author of a book entitled Physical Control of the Mind – Toward a Psychocivilized Society (see reference and link to the book in Chapter 10). In this book, Delgado shared his findings about the effects of brainchips in animals, but also… in humans! Through this book, Delgado showed that total biological control of human beings is possible, that the individual is unable to counter the orders sent to the brainchip (even if it is his will!), and that he can be manipulated like a puppet through brainchips. Delgado’s research took place more than 40 years ago, and this research has unfortunately inspired other generations of mad scientists…

Let’s also note that Delgado’s links with dictatorship are proved, since he served Spanish dictator Franco (cf. http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jose_Delgado).


Dr. Jose Delgado had already implanted humains in the brain more than 40 years ago…


Human beings chipped against their will, and tortured from a distance

The first reports on the implantation of individuals without their knowledge and against their will, have begun to emerge. Some of these cases involve people who were implanted with brainchips against their will!

For instance, there is the case of James Walbert, an American citizen of the City of Wichita (Kansas) who was brainchipped in secret and against his will, and who won a lawsuit in a U.S. court. This man was tortured remotely via the RFID implants (so these chips were used as WEAPONS!) and experienced electric shocks and electronically generated tones because of the implants.

Medical evidences of Walbert’s chipping were provided to Justice.

On 30 December 2008, the Court of Sedgwick County, Kansas, decided in Walbert’s favor, and delivered a first-of-its-kind order of protection. Despite this order of protection, the cowardly and anonymous tormentors continued to harass and torture Walbert remotely through the implants!

But the case of James Walbert is not isolated! Thousands of “targeted individuals,” including women, innocent children and men, are secretely persecuted through this type of implant! And there’s something worse: some doctors, psychologists and dentists took part to this crime against humanity by implanting individuals (men, women and children), in secret, during surgery or dental procedures, taking advantage of anesthesia, for instance.

All this is detailed and reported on the Examiner.com website (see http://www.examiner.com/), and also in an important 4 parts article – here are the links:





Deborah Dupre, an American who defends human rights and who’s an author and a columnist, was among those who denounced the torments inflicted on “targeted individuals”. See the following page about this topic: http://www.deborahdupre.com/targetedindividuals.html.


Despite the fact that this kind of crime against humanity is known and documented, the media and professional blackout on this atrocity continues. So it’s very clear that it is only through popular reactions – reactions of the PEOPLE – that this kind of technology will be prohibited.

Let us now detail the dangers of subcutaneous chips for humans…

Chip implants are a point of no return, and the guarantee of a totalitarian future…


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