Strasbourg Memorandum and Amazon Synod

9 August 2019

The 2014 Strasbourg Memorandum and this year’s Amazon Synod have the same spirit and the same programme, namely gradual destruction of Christianity.

Memorandum in sphere of education


Art.1: Introduction of multicultural education in all educational institutions in the state (from 11 September 2016)

Art.10: Exclusion of Christian education at all levels of education (from 11 September 2016) and introduction of religious studies (from 12 September 2016)

Response: Christian education is excluded and religious studies popularize paganism.


Art.5: Introduction into the curriculum of sexual education classes for the first grades of primary schools (from 11 September 2016) and provision of free condoms for all pupils, starting with primary schools (from 11 October 2016)

Art.7: Practical realization of sexual education classes at all levels of schooling (from 11 December 2017)

Art.12A: Projection of slides in sexual education classes (from 19 September 2016)

Art.12D: Study trips of educational institutions and university departments to places of sexual freedom (from 17 September 2017)

Response: Schools legalize immorality and promote sodomy through so-called sexual education classes. It is a crime against youth, the Church and the nation. Nevertheless, Francis vehemently advocates so-called sexual education! He thus stabs parents and children in the back, and not only those from Catholic families.

Memorandum in the sphere of the Church

Quotation of Art.1C: Introduction of Renaissance icons – the substitution of the Byzantine mentality (from 1 March 2017)

Response: These icons represent a decadent spirit which disposes to paganism and immorality.


Art.3: Cancellation of vigils in the churches and monasteries (from 14 August 2018)

Art.7C: Establishment of days of environment on 5 June and 21 December, dedicated to Mother Earth, and on 14 April. The beginning of the reform: 20 September 2016

Art.7B: New liturgical order in all Christian Churches (from 16 September 2017)

Response: Liturgical reforms create chaos and divert attention from the essence, i.e. from repentance. It was the same with the so-called liturgical reforms of Vatican II.

Question: What was the purpose of the meeting of Francis and Kirill in Havana?

Response: During their meeting at Havana airport on 12 February 2016, the pseudo Pope and the Patriarch of Moscow signed a joint declaration. One of its points laid out the unconditional need for so-called interreligious dialogue with pagans. This is a betrayal of Christ and of the Orthodox Church! The fruit of interreligious dialogue has never been peace but the loss of Christian identity and the pagan invasion of Christian territories.

Quotation of Art.11C: … the erection of ancient cult statues on the Holy Mount Athos; the transformation of Athos into an environmental … society, … into a new centre of a new religious movement and new church music (from 1 April 2018)

Response: What is meant by a new religious movement? It is the spirit of the New Age, the spirit of Assisi and the spirit of Amazonia. What will new church music be like? Will it be New Age music or rock music with roots in the satanic voodoo culture?

Quotation of Art.14A: Organization of ecological symposia on Athos

Response: It is the promotion of the New Age movement and pagan Satanism under the guise of ecology. An example is the Amazon Synod with its ecological conversion planned for 6-27 October 2019.

Quotation of Art.8G: There will only be three Patriarchates – Christian united Churches – namely the Patriarchate of Russia, the Patriarchate of Constantinople and the Patriarchate of Rome.

Response: There will be no Christian united Churches but rather globalized antichristian New Age structures. The Amazon Synod is planning the next step, namely gradual abolition of the papacy.

Quotation of Art.8H: A change of church schools in all Christian Churches into religious schools (from 17 July 2017)

Response: The discipline of religious studies nowadays is an effective promoter of paganism within secondary and higher education. It degrades Christianity by placing it on a level with paganism and what is more, it prefers paganism. Such church schools destroy Christianity more than state schools.


Art.10A: The introduction of multi-religious worship service with music in all Christian Churches (from 20 May 2017)

Art.10B: The use of musical instruments and concert performances, not only religious ones, in all the churches (from 20 October 2017)

Response: Christians gather for worship service to worship God, whereas pagans gather for their rituals to worship demons. So-called multi-religious worship service is the height of blasphemy and a mockery of God! It is shocking that through the Amazon Synod Francis merges the Divine Liturgy, i.e. Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, with the invocation of demons in pagan rituals. And their music is used as a means to this end.

Quotation of Art.12: The consent of the Christian Churches to enter into the New Age in 2016

Response: New Age is the religion of the Antichrist, and to consent to it means to openly betray Christ and to come under God’s curse – anathema.

Quotation of Art.15a: The above-given regulations will be ratified by the Ecumenical Council of the Christian Orthodox Church (19 June-9 July 2016).

Response: Today, the Churches are not being destroyed by external violence, chains or prisons but rather by programmed self-destruction. A similar method is used to destroy the nations. An example is the Istanbul Convention which introduces destructive gender ideology and the stealing of children from any family. Every nation must approve its own self-destruction.

Memorandum – Part: Administrative Reforms

Quotation of Art.7E: The building of monasteries of monks and nuns of all faiths and all religions in the EU and on the Holy Mount Athos from 17 March 2018

Response: The Holy Mount Athos is a spiritual centre for Orthodox Christians. The Memorandum dictates the conversion of the Holy Mount Athos into a New Age Sodom and Babylon! We ask: Will apostate Catholic monks and nuns along with Hindu sacred prostitutes and voodoo shamans offer sacrifices to demons and Satan associated with sexual orgies in this place? The satanization of Athos was approved and signed by the representatives of Francis, Kirill and Bartholomew.

Quotation of Art.2C: Recognition of the UN’s major role (from 7 October 2017) for all the world’s religions

Response: It means subordination of the Churches to now an already antichristian organization. This is a suicide!

Quotation of Art.3: Legalization of all immigrants in all EU countries without restrictions (from 19 November 2016)

Response: Pseudo Pope Francis has already declared that it is the duty of Catholics to host Islamic immigrants in every parish, every monastery and every sanctuary. This is madness and the suicide of Christianity.

Quotation of Art.4B: Recognition of homosexual and transsexual marriages and gay adoption of children (from 16 May 2016)

Response: These are crimes against human nature. The religious leaders who prepared, signed and promote the document are under God’s anathema – curse!

Quotation of Art.5: Freely available child pornography on the Internet, but only (for the time being?) for children aged 14 and over (from 24 December 2017)

Response: This is another moral crime which the Church hierarchy was obliged to condemn rather than approve or programme it.

Quotation of Art.7A: Legalization of New Age cults (from 21 September 2016)

Response: Participation in the pagan cults is a grave sin. The people of Israel were punished for this sin by suffering, wars and Babylonian captivity.

Quotation of Art.8E: The Church shall make cremation mandatory for those too who want a Christian burial (from 22 May 2016).

Response: This is another element of uprooting the Christian tradition.

Quotation of Art.9C: Abolition of the practice of baptizing infants and entries in registers (from 12 September 2016)

Response: Why did the very Church leaders sign this programme of abolishing infant baptism?

Conclusion of the Memorandum: “We commit to effect all these reforms in the period from 1 May 2016 to 16 August 2020 in order to allow the changes to be made and to fully enter the New Age on 1 May 2016. … We pray to one god and one man that he would appear to the world for the sake of solving all the problems of the planet.”

Response: The practical introduction of the New Age means total destruction of Christianity. The god they pray to is Satan. And the one man who shall be revealed in the world is the Antichrist! All the reforms carried out by the apostates Kirill, Bartholomew and Francis lead to the self-destruction of Christianity and prepare the ground for the appearance of the Antichrist! All three of them as well as their delegates who signed the Strasbourg Memorandum fell under God’s anathema. It was published on 15 February 2016.

Question: What should every sincere Catholic do today?

Response: Let every Catholic make a promise to God to pray one hour every day throughout the year for the election of a true Catholic Pope and for the restoration of the Church.


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr                                     + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


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“For what the law could not do in that it was weak through the flesh, God did by sending His own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, on account of sin: He condemned sin in the flesh.”

Rom 8:3 (6/10/2019 – 20/10/2019)