Proposal of an orthodox Pope by the BCP

July 8, 2019

1) Who do we propose and why?

2) The diagnosis of the present state of the Church

3) What is the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate (BCP)?

Ad 1) Who do we propose and why?

The destructive activity of the heretic Bergoglio reaches its peak. This year, another nail is to be driven in the coffin by the so-called Amazon Synod. Therefore, in this critical situation, the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate proposes that the brave orthodox bishops and cardinals elect a legitimate and true Catholic Pope in an extraordinary election! Specifically, the Patriarchate proposes Archbp. Carlo Maria Viganò. The reason is that he is a moral and orthodox personality. In addition, he stood up as a hero against the entire system of the homosexual network in the highest places in the Church. He called for the abdication of the manifest heretic Bergoglio in order to initiate the process of restoration of the Church. However, he still has to hide from Bergoglio’s mafia. Archbp. Viganò is well acquainted with the circumstances within the Catholic Church as well as with the state of the highest church hierarchy.

If, for certain reasons, he refuses to accept the papal office, let him choose a suitable candidate for the papacy.

Ad 2) The diagnosis of the present state of the Church

Today, Bergoglio destroys the Church on a massive scale. But this process has its deep root, namely the Second Vatican Council! Unless this fact is truthfully exposed, it is not possible to show adequate repentance or to start the restoration of the Church. The spiritual change through the Council was programmed by John XXIII, who was a supporter of the heresy of Modernism. He empowered liberal theologians and bishops to play a key role at the Council. Under the slogan ‘aggiornamento’, the Church was opened to the spirit of the world and the Holy Spirit was gradually expelled. That period was marked by the spread of the heresies of neo-Modernism, and therefore the Council was primarily obliged to call them by their proper names and to condemn them. But it did the exact opposite! By its silence, it opened the door for their invasion of all theological schools and thus of the whole Church.

Another crime of the Council is that it introduced the heresy of syncretism with paganism in Nostra Aetate.

As for the changes in the Liturgy, they did not lead to a deeper experience of the mystery of faith, but time showed the opposite. Although the Council’s various documents also contained neutral wording, it changes nothing about the fact that that the Council, as a whole, was heretical.

The implementation of Vatican II’s heresy of syncretism culminated through John Paul II at the meeting in Assisi in 1986. Moreover, in the new Code, John Paul II abolished the penalty of excommunication against Freemasons, thus opening the door for them to the Vatican. He also obliged all bishops by a papal document to cover up the sexual abuse of minors. He is therefore guilty not only of the spread of heresies but also of the spread of an amoral infection. His beatification and canonization is invalid!

Benedict XVI did not use his authority to condemn ex cathedra the heresies of neo-Modernism or syncretism. The Bishops’ Synod of the UO GCC, which subsequently established a Patriarchate, wrote more than ten open letters to Benedict XVI at the time, warning him against beatification. For the same reason, when the danger of apostasy culminated, on April 5, 2011 the seven bishops of the UO GCC established the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate. Its purpose is to defend the doctrine of faith and morals in the Church. We sent the Charter to Benedict XVI before May 1, 2011.

By beatifying John Paul II, Benedict XVI beatified the heretical system along with the apostate gesture in Assisi and brought a curse – anathema – both on himself and on the Church acc. Gal 1:8-9. On the same day, May 1, 2011, the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate made this anathema against Benedict XVI and John Paul II public. Since then, the Church has been in a state of Sede Vacante.

Thereafter, the Patriarchate appealed to Benedict XVI to resign from his office which he already occupied illegitimately. Eventually he did so; however, he did not repent and his resignation was exploited by the antichristian system for the election of the archheretic Bergoglio.

It can be assumed that after an extraordinary election of a valid Pope, Bergoglio will not resign. If he did resign or die, the heretics would elect another heretic. However, this will no longer be the Church of Christ but the Church of Antichrist, the Church of the New Age, which will create unity even with pagans who worship demons. This is what Bergoglio is heading for in the Amazon Synod as well as by the promotion of Islamization and homosexualism and by his denial of the existence of universally valid moral standards in Amoris Laetitia. At the same time, Bergoglio seeks false unity with the Orthodox Church through the apostate Patriarch Bartholomew which is also connected with the plan to establish a Patriarchate in Ukraine. The purpose is globalization with Belial rather than unity with Christ (2Cor 6:15). World globalists work towards establishing one Church, the Church of the New Age, and this plan is being implemented step by step by Bergoglio. Therefore, separation from heretics and submission to a true-Catholic Pope is the salvation of the Church and the salvation of the papacy. Even if the Church remains just a little flock, “the gates of hell will not prevail against it” (Mt 16). Today the refusal to elect a legitimate Pope, as it is promoted by Bishop Schneider for fear of causing a schism, is the same as if a physician refused the surgery necessary to save the patient for fear of causing pain and preferred to let him die. Only the Church with orthodox doctrine and an orthodox spirit will guarantee salvation for the believers. In no case can it be guaranteed by the Antichrist’s Church of the New Age promoted by Bergoglio and the like-minded, especially German theologians and bishops. To remain with Bergoglio outside the Church of Christ for fear of a fictitious schism is nonsense.

Ad 3) What is the BCP?

The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate is above all the voice of one crying in the wilderness. It has an apostolic and prophetic authority. We received Episcopal consecration under extraordinary circumstances in Ukraine, as monks with the rules of St. Basil the Great. We publicly announced our consecration to the Pope and other bishops on March 3, 2008 and explained the extraordinary situation. Pope Benedict XVI acknowledged our Episcopal consecration by tacit consent. Soon afterwards, several bishops founded the UO GCC Synod in order to defend orthodox doctrine against heresies. Especially between the years 2008 and 2010, we wrote appeals to Catholic bishops and cardinals and to some universities in Rome to renounce the heresies of neo-Modernism and syncretism and to confess the true Catholic faith. We pointed out that those who would not confess the faith by a certain date made it manifest that they remained in unity with heresy, denied the faith, and were placed under an anathema according to Gal 1:8-9, which fact would be publicly announced. The number of declared anathemas was more than 4.5 thousand. Only one bishop from South America confessed the faith and renounced heresies!

The bishops and cardinals who, each individually, have been placed under an anathema can remove this anathema from themselves before God and before the Church. How? By publicly supporting the election of an orthodox Pope! In this way they themselves and their believers will come from under the power of anathema and of the structure headed by a heretic, a heretical system and spirit.

After sincerely seeking the will of God before His face, we can and should tell you: God wants an extraordinary step – do elect a true-Catholic Pope as soon as possible.


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr                          + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


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Rom 8:3 (6/10/2019 – 20/10/2019)