Pro-family policy /letter to political representatives of Ukraine and Russia/

Prague, 16 February 2019

Members of the Verkhovna Rada

Deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation

Dear political representatives of Ukraine and Russia,

there is a hidden psychological struggle through crime-promoting legislation! It is a hidden war leading to self-destruction of Your own nations. Its essence is gender ideology associated with the stealing of children.

The Council of Europe is imposing the Istanbul Convention on Ukraine and Russia. Crimes of gender demoralization and mass child stealing are disguised with positive terms. These crimes are committed by social services under the monitoring of the supranational organization GREVIO. These are bestial crimes against humanity.

When there is war, people, and especially children, are afraid. The Istanbul Convention is a worse threat! Every family is under threat from the GREVIO Gestapo! Families are exposed to terrible mental stress and fear. Every day the atmosphere is more and more impregnated with tension as the child may not return from school or may not be found in the kindergarten when the parents come to collect him or her. An ordinary bruise on the leg which a child got during play is a common reason to steal the child! The child is then given to homosexuals or paedophiles and subjected to psychological and sexual abuse! Criminals remain unpunished, but the exposure of their crimes is a punishable offence. There is no way out of this evil system for parents and children, and many will commit suicide. An example is Norway where 70-100 children commit suicide per year. There have been cases in Finland where parents killed both their children and themselves in despair when the social services pirates broke into their house.

Genocide of children in stages:

1) Before a child is born, the mother is subjected to constant psychological stress and pressure and forced to undergo abortion, especially when she is expecting her second or third child. This is a crime!

2) Some countries allow abortion even in the ninth month. On the other hand, they promote immoral surrogacy. These are hideous crimes!

3) When a child is born, under juvenile law there is a danger of it being stolen directly from the maternity hospital. That’s worse than fascism!

4) Based on gender laws, a child can no longer be called a boy or a girl; it would be considered discriminatory. This is a loss of reason and a crime against children!

5) A child must undergo vaccinations which cause immune system disruption, infertility or autism, and is thus deliberately mutilated. Words fail to describe these crimes!

6) When parents do not allow harmful vaccination, they may expect their child to be stolen for reasons of so-called child rights violation. This is cruel wickedness!

7) Children in kindergarten are systematically demoralized by sexual anti-education; they have it instilled in their minds that they have the “right” to change sex. It is a crime crying to heaven!

8) Demoralization grows stronger in schools through various courses, training sessions, pornography. Manipulated and sexualized youth are pressurized until they believe they have to undergo hormonal therapy to change their sex. However, they thus become incapable of establishing a family in the future and transmitting life to the next generations. It culminates in transgender surgeries, after which man becomes a mental, moral and physical wreck. This is satanization and a crime against humanity!

9) If parents properly bring up their children, the upbringing is characterized as “domestic violence”. The child is stolen from such parents and placed in a homosexual or paedophile pseudo family. This is demoniac bestiality!

10) Demoralization goes hand in hand with drug abuse, crime and even satanism, and results in AIDS and suicide, including euthanasia.


The so-called gender policy generates crimes against humanity leading to the autogenocide of Your own nations.

Dear Sirs and Madams, wake up and stand against this satanic policy which kills the family and nation! Abolish not only all laws that secretly or openly promote gender madness, but also all decrees and other documents that establish gender and juvenile mechanisms in society. Follow the example of Hungary’s pro-family legislation ( built on sound Christian principles rather than on heretical and apostate Christianity. There is an urgent need for positive education in moral life and in responsible parenthood! Be heroes!

May God bless You in the struggle for family politics and the nation!


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr                                    + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


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1Jn 3:24 (14/7/2019 – 28/7/2019)