Francis is a pan-heretic

February 10, 2019

When speaking about the fundamental truths of faith, Francis deliberately uses inaccurate and ambiguous terms. He thus opens the door to all sorts of heresies. In an interview for “La Repubblica” he said:

Quote by Francis: “The Son of God became incarnate in order to instill the feeling of brotherhood in the souls of men.”

Response: We confess in the Creed why the Son of God became incarnate: “For us men and for our salvation He came down from heaven and became man.” He did not become incarnate – as Francis says – to instill a kind of feeling of brotherhood!

Quote by Francis: “I believe that our goal is not to proselytize but to listen to needs, desires and disappointments, despair, hope.”

Response: Francis, holding the papal office, says what the Church’s goal is supposed to be. According to him, it is no longer true mission that leads to the salvation of souls; he pejoratively calls it “proselytism”. Instead of mission he sets as a pseudo goal to listen to needs, desires and disappointments, despair, hope. This might be done by a psychologist or a psychiatrist. Yes, we can listen to needs, but the goal is to offer the right solution, i.e. to proclaim Christ as the Savior, in Whom is the forgiveness of sins.

Quote by Francis: “Vatican II, inspired by Pope Paul VI and John XXIII, decided to look to the future with a modern spirit and to be open to modern culture.”

Response: For this betrayal of the Gospel and openness to modern culture along with homosexualism, all godlessness and blasphemy against God, Francis declared the Council’s instigators saints.

Quote by Francis: “Being open to modern culture means religious ecumenism and dialogue with non-believers.”

Response: Being open to modern culture means to be open to transgenderism and total moral decadence. So-called dialogue with non-believers without proclaiming salvation to them is a betrayal of Christ, the anti-mission of paganism and the loss of identity. What did Jesus say to the Apostle about true mission? “I send you (to non-believers) to open their eyes, in order to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins by faith in Me.” (Acts 26:18)

Quote by Francis: “…very little was done in that direction (in being open to modern culture). I have the humility and ambition to want to do something.”

Response: Francis is not just a theoretical heretic. He promotes heresies and opens the Church ad absurdum to modern culture with transgenderism, sodomy, sexual pseudo education, satanization of nations, and rebellion against God. This is what Francis, as he says, has the humility and ambition to do.

Quote by Francis: “And I believe in God, not in a Catholic God, there is no Catholic God, there is God.”

Response: Does Francis know who is a Catholic God? It is the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Francis does not believe in this God and says there is no such God. He has the same god as the Muslims – Allah – as he confessed in an interview on the return flight from the United Arab Emirates. However, this god is one of the 360 pagan gods of Mecca, believed to be the greatest among them (Allah akbar).

Unfortunately, it was the Second Vatican Council (Nostra Aetate and Lumen Gentium 16) which opened the door to this heresy about the same god. That is why Francis can safely say that he did not move one millimeter away from the Second Vatican Council in promoting his heresies.

The teaching of the Bible and Church Tradition clearly confesses that the Allah of Muslims is not identical with the Christian, i.e. Catholic God.

Quote by Francis: “There is no Catholic God, there is God and I believe in Jesus Christ, his incarnation.”

Response: Francis says he does not believe in a Catholic God. It means that he does not believe in the Holy Trinity. However, he believes in a kind of non-Catholic god. Perhaps he believes in the Great Architect of the Universe along with the Masons, or in Allah along with the Muslims, or in Vishnu and Shiva along with the Hindus. At the same time he says that Jesus Christ is an incarnation of such a non-Catholic god. This is a supreme heresy! If Francis will make excuses that he did not mean it like that, let him learn to speak clearly about the most fundamental truths of the faith and not spread the spirit of heresy!

St. Bernard said, “For if a heretic arises as an open enemy, he is cast out and withers. But now whom shall we cast out? All are friends and all enemies. They are the ministers of Christ and they serve Antichrist.” This applies to Francis and those bishops and priests who share the unity of spirit with him.


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Rom 7:22-23 (25/8/2019 – 8/9/2019)