The answer to the appeal – pamphlet – by the UGCC Synod and the RCC Conference from 28 October 2011

Lvov, 2 November 2011


Dear Monsignors,

we would like to sober You down from Your fallacious views of Christ’s Church and from Your statements concerning us, the orthodox bishops of the UOGCC.

At the beginning we want to remind You that the Catholic Church was established neither by You nor by any other people. It was established by the God-Man Jesus Christ. So the Church is no politico-economic institution to make a profit on but it is the Body of Christ. Therefore belonging to the Church – the Body of Christ – does not lie in a formal membership in the external structure of Your apostatical organization which You unjustly call “Catholic Church”. He is a Catholic and he belongs to the Catholic Church – the Mystical Body of Christ – who distances himself from heresies that deny the essence of the Catholic Church, including Husar’s heresies.

Tell us what sort of Catholics You are and what Your union with Christ is like, if You are silent on or even support:

1) Implementation of gender equality and gender policy which promotes so-called social gender in social life, according to which a woman can declare herself to be a man and vice versa. This is spiritual schizophrenia which morally and psychologically destroys the young generation, starting from kindergartens and continuing at schools of all levels. You are silent on it and thus You betray Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church.

2) Implementation of the juvenile justice system which removes children from their parents and gives them over to paedophiles for defilement – this is Your another betrayal of Jesus Christ.

3) Implementation of the chipping of people, which brings absolute control over individuals, loss of national security and the absolute rule of Antichrist – thus You consciously deny Your Saviour.

4) How can You say that You are Catholics if You keep silent on and cover the problem of homosexuality and paedophilia among priests and bishops? This is Your another denial of faith in Jesus Christ.

5) You defiantly support magic, occultism and various forms of divination. So how can You call Yourselves Christians and even Catholics?

6) You do not believe the Holy Scripture. You consider the Word of God to be myths. You do not live according to the Christian faith. You are united with the heresies of Husar who approves of homosexuality, denies the Divinity of Christ and the eternity of hell. You deceive God, Yourselves and the believers. Your fables, which contradict the doctrine of the Holy Scripture and Apostolic Tradition, deprive people of eternal life and salvation.

7) Ex-Card. L. Husar divines by pendulum, and You support him. He denies the primacy of Peter (cum Petro – yes, sub Petro – no) and You advocate him. Tell us therefore, what is “Catholic” about You?

8) You have fully united with the spirit of Assisi and New Age ideology which proclaims that all religions lead to salvation and whose aim is unification of all religions in a spiritual Babylon.

Unlike the apostatical Synod of the UGCC and RCC (Roman Catholic Church), the UOGCC Synod distances itself from Husar’s heresies and from the spirit of Assisi, is not silent on the evil in the Church and in society and does not approve of it! On the contrary, we are continually warning the Church, the Ukrainian government and the Ukrainian society against current demoralization and self-destruction.

Dear Monsignors, we are Catholics but You are not. You are manifest traitors of Jesus Christ, apostates from the faith. Your deeds testify against You.

We preserve the Catholic faith and Tradition of the Fathers of the Church. We are not afraid to defend the truths of the Christ’s faith against this adulterous world. Unlike You, we are in unity with Christ crucified. Therefore we are true Catholics! You, however, are Catholics no more.


+ Markian, OSBMr

Secretary of the UOGCC


Cc: State authorities of Ukraine; Mass media of Ukraine


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Gal 5: 13-14 (16/6/2019 – 30/6/2019)