Letter to Slovak MPs concerning the UN Global Compact on Migration

21 November 2018

To Slovak MPs

Dear Members of the Parliament of Slovakia,

the “UN Global Compact on Migration”, more precisely “Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration”, is to be signed at the forthcoming meeting in Marrakesh. A number of states have decided not to sign this document: USA, Australia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Austria and many others are on the way to rejecting this compact, as it directly threatens their sovereignty, removes the difference between legal and illegal migration, and poses serious security risks with long-term consequences.

The consequences of illegal migration in the last few years have been obvious and alarming: social unrest, an enormous increase in crime, extreme health risks, cold-blooded terrorist attacks the victims of which are mostly the civilian population. The most vulnerable group is women and girls, who in many cases become victims of brutal rape, in some cases even fatal. Another product of illegal migration is so-called no-go zones, which are not subordinated to the local law of the state. On the contrary, Muslims establish there unacceptable Sharia law which proclaims hatred against the non-Muslim population. Security risks are constantly rising, and the police or the prosecutor’s office cannot intervene in these zones. “No-go” zones are small Islamic states that occupy the territory of foreign states. Their direct intent is to dominate the territory and to establish Islam throughout the country. Real facts and crimes point to the fact that local Europeans are increasingly becoming the target of attacks by illegal migrants. Muslims are trying to eradicate Christian holidays because they “offend” them. What is frightening, however, is that local authorities many times meet the demands of Muslims and not only cancel holidays but also remove Christian symbols, culture and tradition. It is a state of undeclared jihad.

It is therefore incomprehensible that someone now wants to sign the UN Global Compact on Migration, which is an accelerator of Europe’s Islamization. It is currently presented as a non-binding document. So we ask why you need to sign it?! This is obvious manipulation because the document uses the term “we bind ourselves” dozens of times. It means that tomorrow one can expect this document to acquire a binding character as a document of international law. This is a tactics of leading the states into a trap and destroying their sovereignty with their own hands.

In view of the enormous danger resulting from the long-term consequences of signing this migration compact, such as the threat to Christian civilization, to the sovereignty of the Slovak Republic and to the security of its citizens, we hereby appeal to You, Members of the Parliament of Slovakia, to take a binding decision during the parliamentary session and reject the UN Global Compact on Migration. This decision must be binding for the entire Government, in the first place for the Minister of Foreign Affairs, M. Lajčák.

It is a struggle for the preservation of Slovakia, its sovereignty and Christian civilization. Stand up for God and for the nation!

       Praying for You and for the whole nation,


+ Methodius OSBMr                          + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate


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