Will Francis resign or will someone help him by a strong hand?

September 3, 2018

Archbishop Vigano called on Francis and the hierarchs to abdicate by reason of covering up homosexual and pedophile crimes. The strong hand of supranational elites will certainly not help Francis to resign but will rather consolidate him.

During his visit to Ireland, Francis openly promoted homosexuality since early childhood. He forbade parents from bringing up their children according to God’s commandments. He thus opposed God and His laws as a manifest heretic.

What is the primary duty of the supreme authority in the Church? To defend orthodox doctrine and morals!

During his visit to Ireland, Francis was obliged to encourage parents to give their children a proper upbringing. This is their primary duty to make children happy both on earth and after death. The best dowry to a child is a good upbringing. Man is stained with original sin – the source of evil. An ill-behaved and demoralized individual is a potential criminal. Francis, however, rejects a sound upbringing though it is necessary. Jesus says, “Deny yourself…” (Mt 16:24-26) Francis advocates the exact opposite: Do not teach children to deny evil but rather “give them an opportunity” to fully accept perversion as programmed by gay activists.

Quote from the mass media: “The Pope has spoken out in defence of minors who have decided to change their sexual orientation.”

Commentary: The paradox is that Francis has not spoken out in defence of minors against gay activists. On the contrary, he has stood against parents who protect their children from sexual perversion. How can a child exposed to the terror of an intense homosexual propaganda make a free and responsible decision?

Quote from the mass media: “According to Francis, parents should not ignore the sexual orientation of their children and should try to understand them and give them an opportunity.”

Commentary: If this was stated by the leader of Satanists, we would understand it. But we cannot understand that this is a statement of the leader of the Church. From a young age – as early as pre-school – children’s minds are instilled with the attitude that they are neither boys nor girls but they can choose and change their sexual orientation. This is a crime of warping the minds of children with the aim of demoralizing them. Consequently, children are even forced into hormonal treatment and a sex-change operation! And in this situation, Francis asks parents to try to understand the manipulated children and to give them an opportunity to develop programmed perversion instead of helping them refute these fatal lies in good time. Francis’ heretical attitude and statements are contrary to God’s commandments and, moreover, promote crimes against humanity.

Francis “repentantly” apologized for the suffering caused by the crimes of numerous homosexual priests. However, at the same time, he himself advocates far greater crimes, the fruit of which is the mass suffering of defenseless children. The promotion of homosexualism also involves the stealing of children by the juvenile justice system and their psychological and moral devastation. The stolen children are given up for so-called adoption preferentially to homosexuals and pedophiles. Francis is guilty of complicity in these crimes against children, as he supports them not only by constant silence. His heart-rending apologies in Ireland are nothing but the height of hypocrisy and manipulation!

Instead of reprimanding parents, Francis should publicly condemn the UN which is programming suicidal immorality into the educational system on a worldwide scale.

Francis goes hand in hand with the mainstream of amoral terror which aims at the destruction of humanity and drives it into eternal condemnation.

In accordance with the Scriptures and the Dogmatic Bull, Francis is expelled from the Church (cf. Gal 1:8-9 and Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio); therefore, Archbishop Vigano’s call for Francis’ resignation is entirely appropriate.

God’s warning is extremely topical today: “Just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities, which likewise indulged in sexual immorality and pursued unnatural desire, serve as an example by undergoing a punishment of eternal fire.” (Jud 7)


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Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

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