Bishops of Poland, repent!

12 June 2018

Dear Bishops of Poland,

we believe You are aware of Your responsibility before God and of the extreme seriousness of the present situation.

In short, the Polish nation has the only way of salvation, and that is repentance. But it is You who must begin.

This year, Poland has the Sword of Damocles hanging over its head, namely Islamization and gender amoralization dictated by the EU.

What did Cardinal Glemp the Primate of Poland and the Polish bishops do when Poland was voting on joining the EU? The bishops agitated in favour of the EU and made false promises about Polish Christianity leavening all Europe. And the result? Warsaw has hosted the eighteenth gay pride parade this year. We ask who has leavened whom?!

Francis today kisses the feet of transsexuals, thus denying God’s commandments and privileging sin.

The V4 countries now want to free themselves from the suicidal EU. It must be admitted that Polish Catholics have organized the largest protest against Islamization with the Rosary along the borders. They are true followers of the Polish King Jan Sobieski who saved Christianity and Europe from Islamization. And what is the Primate of Poland doing? He threatens to excommunicate every priest who would try to save Christianity and the Polish nation from Islamization. This attitude can be qualified as treason and denial of Christ. You, the Polish bishops, support Francis’ Islamization policy. In fact, You thus promote supranational interests and consequently You become NWO agents working towards the destruction of both the Polish nation and Christianity. Moreover, You are in opposition to the Polish government which defends the Polish nation against Islamization.

The primary duty of Christ’s shepherd is to protect the flock entrusted to his care against Islamization. What opened the door to Islamization was heresies. (Pope Honorius was silent on the heresy of Monothelitism, for which reason he was posthumously excommunicated from the Church). All theological schools in Poland teach the heresies of Neo-Modernism. What do You, the Polish bishops and the Primate of Poland, do to prevent it? Do You not know that many of these heresies were condemned by Pope St Pius X? Modern heresies destroy the very essence of faith. They question the Divinity of our Lord and Saviour as well as His real and historical resurrection. Former President of the German Bishops’ Conference Zollitsch declared that Christ had not died for our sins but rather to show solidarity with those who suffer. This is ‘haeresis maxima’. Heresies have also denied the very inspiration of Scripture. The true foundations of our salvation are thus destroyed. Any priest or theologian who accepts these heresies and any bishop who is silent on these heresies incurs a latae sententiae excommunication. If he dies unrepentant, he will be eternally condemned in hell.

The Polish episcopate is silent on these heresies. You are afraid that You will be ridiculed by heretical theologians and Polish theology will not meet the “standards” of German heretical theology. But we can see the fruits of German heresies. Cardinal Marx endorses blessing ceremonies for same-sex couples and the bishops favour the Islamization of Germany. Nevertheless, human pride and blindness is greedy for recognition of a “high” standard of so-called theological science, and does not care about salvation or eternal damnation!

How is it possible that You, the Polish bishops, have not effectively opposed Francis’ heretical exhortation Amoris Laetitia? You did make a statement on the essence of Catholic doctrine concerning the sacraments, but You neglected to point out what was most crucial, namely heresies and apostasy in the Church. Four Cardinals made the first step in an effort to purify the Church. You, the Polish bishops, were obliged to make the second step. You were obliged to appeal to Francis, in accordance with Mt 18:15f, to renounce heresies. After the third rebuke, You were obliged to expel him publicly as an apostate. This is the attitude of the Gospel. You did not do so. You did not have the light and strength. Why? Because You do not repent of crucial things. Begin to repent in earnest, and then You will also make this step towards the salvation not only of Poland but of the whole Church. This is what God wants You to do!

How should You begin to repent?

The Polish heretic Prof. Kobylinski from Warsaw speaks in the authority of a Catholic priest and cleverly promotes homosexualism and various heresies on television. You, the bishops, are silent on it. And this is blindness and betrayal on Your part. There are many heretics like Kobylinski in Poland, but the blame falls on post-conciliar theology. This theology has brought the spirit of heresy and removed orthodox doctrine. Many were deceived in seminaries. To give them who have embraced a heretical teaching a chance to renounce it, You have to appeal to Kobylinski to do public penance. If he refuses, he must be publicly punished as a precedent to stop the heretical plague.

Kobylinski, however, refers to Francis and his “dynamic approach to the deposit of faith”. This is the root of the problem and there is only one solution. It is necessary to take a radical stand against the heresies of Francis and to show who he really is. Then You must be separated from him! Otherwise You have no right to rebuke Kobylinski or any other public heretic. Neither Christianity nor the Polish nation can be saved without it.

After being separated from the heretical Pope and his curse, the Polish Church will be in a state of Sede Vacante. This state will give the Church a chance to repent unto salvation. The period of Sede Vacante will last until an orthodox Pope is elected.

This, however, reveals a deeper problem than Francis, and that is John Paul II. John Paul II made a heretical gesture in Assisi in 1986. He thus de facto changed the minds of Catholics, when in the prayer “Our Father” he united with pagans who worship demons. He did not call on them to turn away from the worship of demons and to accept the one true God. He did not even explain to them briefly who is the One whom Christians call their Heavenly Father. When he then prayed with them, he had to be consciously united with their attitude. If pagans offer sacrifices to demons and not to God (1Cor 10:20), their father is the devil (Jn 8:44). By this gesture of prayer in Assisi, the Pope representing the Church of Christ publicly confessed the devil, the father of pagans, as our father! This blasphemous and apostatic gesture opened the door to the mass spread of paganism within the Church and the Christian nations! We can see the fruits: amorality, Islamization, an expansion of occultism and Satanism! Neither the Vatican nor the Polish Church have repented for the apostasy in Assisi. On the contrary, the beatification and canonization of John Paul II was an act of antirepentance. This meant the canonization of a heretical attitude which destroys the essence of the Church at the root and leads the Church into the New Age! Beatification and canonization of the heretical teaching brought down a curse on the whole Church according to Gal 1:8-9. Therefore even the orthodox Pope Benedict XVI through the act of beatification brought down a curse – excommunication – on himself and the whole Church. And this is a serious thing. Francis has only completed this work of destruction. So both of them incur excommunication. If anyone denies this reality, one does not know Catholic doctrine and does not have a true Catholic spirit. In such case, however, true salvation, i.e. a return to the sound roots of the Church, is not possible.

John Paul II invited the Dalai Lama to Assisi, where they exchanged cordial embraces in public. Who is the Dalai Lama? He considers himself a god, and the pagans in Tibet worship him accordingly. He represents the devil’s power of darkness. By his gesture, John Paul II subjugated God’s kingdom to the kingdom of darkness. It was a gesture of supreme apostasy. We reap the fruits until this day, but repentance is still rejected. That gesture opened the door for the Dalai Lama to Poland and to other Christian nations. Cardinal Glemp received a big wreath around his neck from the Dalai Lama. President Walesa followed his example. This is no innocent gesture; the consequences were seen very soon… The Dalai Lama has already visited Poland seven times. During his last visit, You, the Polish bishops, received embraces from the Dalai Lama in Swidnica and in Wroclaw in 2016. What does the Dalai Lama bring to Poland? Blessing or curse? He brings curse! Has the Primate of Poland or the Polish episcopate repented for this pernicious syncretism? No! How can then Poland, without repentance, expect help and salvation from God against the current threat of autogenocide?

Card. Dziwisz has introduced a destructive tradition with the spirit of Assisi in the Krakow Diocese. The Polish Church must find the courage to admit truthfully that the gesture of John Paul II in Assisi was heretical and opened the door to the invasion of syncretism with paganism.

John Paul II did not even make a stand against the spreading heresies of Neo-Modernism. Moreover, he lifted the excommunication of Freemasons and covered up for the paedophilia of priests. This is a bitter reality! These are imprescriptible crimes against faith and morals.

This is the sad legacy of John Paul II in the Polish Church, and therefore it is the responsibility of the Polish Church to admit that the canonization of John Paul II is invalid. Its invalidity is confirmed by the fact that he was proclaimed a saint by a manifest heretic Francis.

What steps of repentance must the Polish Church take?

1) Separate themselves from the Neo-Modernist heresies of the so-called historical-critical method.

2) Separate themselves from the heresies of syncretism, i.e. from a false regard for paganism and its demons (Nostra Aetate).

3) Admit the truth about the invalid canonization of John Paul II.

4) Publicly declare the reality that Francis is a heretic and an apostate and separate themselves from him.

This year, the psychological battle culminates in Poland as well as in all V4 countries. You, the bishops of Poland, must speak out against Islamization and call for an adequate defence of the nation.

A word in conclusion:

Dear Bishops, we are fully aware of the harsh reality of the spiritual struggle for the salvation of immortal souls. For many years we have watched how the source of evil, original sin, works in the people who hold high ecclesiastical offices. The Prophets and Jesus Himself address very harsh words to these people. We do not condemn You. We have beseeched God with tears in our eyes and now we beseech You: For the sake of devotion to Our Lady of Czestochowa, call on Your nation to organize a penitential procession with a cross to Czestochowa from every district city.

This is the prophetic word for the Polish nation. Through the intercession of the Mother of God, God will then save not only Poland, but will grant a revival to the whole Church.

Praying for You and for the Polish people with a contrite heart and tears,

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate
+ Methodius OSBMr                                    + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops

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