Christian theocracy vs. NWO

March 28, 2017

It is important to know that the contemporary Christian hierarchy headed by Francis in the Vatican, as well as by Patriarch Kirill in Moscow and Bartholomew, has betrayed the essence of Christianity and fallen under God’s anathema (Gal 1:8-9) – excommunication on grounds of heresies which destroy the essence of Christianity.

After the end of World War II, US President Truman said: “The system of democracy failed. However, for the time being there is nothing better.” Current pseudo democracy creates the conditions for the establishment of a totalitarian globalization government of the NWO aimed at carrying out a program of genocide of the planet – i.e. reduction to a golden billion. In 1945, CIA Director Allan Dulles said: “The war ended, somehow everything will be settled. And we shall throw everything we have – all the gold, all the material might and resources into making the people into fools and idiots. It is possible to change the human brain, the consciousness of people. After sowing chaos there, we shall imperceptibly replace their values by stealth with false ones and shall force them to believe in these false values. Thus we shall find like-minded people, our own helpers and allies in Russia itself. Episode by episode, the tragedy will be played out, grandiose in scale, of the death of the most intractable people on Earth.”

The plan of a holocaust of mankind – reduction to a so-called golden billion – has been revealed by the Masons of the Club of Rome. The NWO Masons make unity. They are found in America, Russia, France, Britain, the Vatican… They masterfully exploit democracy for their plans of moral degradation and ultimate autogenocide of the nations.

The spiritual basis of current satanization of the nations was Vatican Council II with its heresies concerning reverence for pagans and their demons and identification of the true God with the bloodthirsty god of Mecca. Vatican II’s document denying the essence of Christianity is the culmination of lies and heresies. Without it, current globalization could not exist. Today, after 50 years, we can see the disastrous fruits. The aim of the Synod of Crete (2016) was just to adopt that poisoned program towards self-destruction of the Orthodox Church.

When reading the Strasbourg memorandum, not only a Christian but also an unbeliever is shocked by this self-destructive stupidity! This, too, is backed by ecclesiastical Freemasons. Their main method is to lie, lie and lie!

NWO architects forget that the universe and our earth, a grain in the infinite universe, were created by God and that it is Him who maintains everything in existence and in remarkable order. Our life here on earth is only a short pilgrimage – a test. Death will be followed by eternity – heaven or hell. Heaven is our eternal home. However, there is a danger that we can lose it if we become slaves of lies, evil or Satan! NWO architects, de facto satanists, serve neither humanity nor God. Systems of professional lies develop in man a breeding ground for evil – original sin, kill the truth, conscience and reason and prepare eternal hell for both the individual and all mankind!

Today we know two false theocracies: NWO satanism and the establishment of Sharia law coupled with jihad – terrorism. Both these pseudo theocracies lead to hell. True theocracy is Christocracy! It must be founded on just laws, God’s and Christ’s commandments, which call good good, evil evil, justice justice and injustice injustice. To some extent, this was the practice in Europe and Russia under monarchy.

Today, the NWO architects work towards devastation of peoples through gender ideology. A boy can no longer say that he is a boy and a girl cannot say that she is a girl. This demagoguery leads to schizophrenia.

Dulles expressed the Masonic program with the following words: We shall rip out the spiritual roots, debase and destroy the foundation of spiritual morality. We will mock them and find the way of deceiving them and declaring them the scum of society.” Manipulation psychologists have cloaked these clearly worded crimes in positive terms. This program is implemented today by supranational NWO agents even in Russia.

It is necessary to outline a clear revival program and to embody it in the legislation! The NWO architects have masterfully embodied antihuman principles, psychologically formulated as positive aspects, in supranational recommendations and resolutions. Therefore it is all the more necessary that true, just and well-tried principles should be enshrined back in the laws.

The greatest commandment says: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself.” (cf. Mt 22:37.39) True dignity of man lies in keeping this commandment. It is where our transcendence is rooted, i.e. focusing beyond time towards the last goal – eternity. Man has to admit his sin and receive Jesus Christ, who died on the cross even for you and your sins. Being true God and true man, He paid the just penalty for your sins. And now you are to face the inner life struggle against evil and lies in order to remain faithful to God.

The family is the basic cell of the nation. Demoralization of the young generation and strong devastating influences of the present time have caused abnormal pressure on the family with the aim to destroy it. Young people, therefore, need to be prepared for a responsible family life. This will prevent life’s failures.

The education system must be designed so as to instruct and prepare for a solid marriage and to educate in responsibility. All subversive systems, whether it be decadent music or demoralizing programs, must be paralyzed because they destroy the mind and lure into a false way.

Russia faces a big task – spiritual restoration of the nation based on Gospel principles and moral values!


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr                                    + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops



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Rom 7:1-2 (10/2/2019 – 24/2/2019)