A call on Europe to repent /To Leaders of EU Member States/ (+ video)

7 March 2017

To Leaders of EU Member States

The new President of the European Parliament announced that 20 million immigrants from Africa would soon come to Europe. The migration wave is mainly composed of young Muslims aged 18-35 years. If each of them will thereafter bring along his wife, there will be 20 million more of them. If this family will have only three children, for example, though Muslim families have an average of 8 children, Europe will host 100 million Arabs and Africans in the near future. Additionally, the influx of migrants, not just from Africa, is growing steadily. 70% completely illiterate “revivalists of Europe” are coming from Afghanistan. The young Muslims are no refugees. In accordance with their religion, their programme is jihad! Every Muslim is a soldier of Islam.

They want to subject Europe to sharia law. They are brought here with a clear purpose! Good financial security and clothes, as well as specific instructions on how to proceed, indicate a high degree of organization. There will soon be so many jihadist immigrants within the EU that they will not even have to wait until their number increases through births. If they got hold of weapons, they could even now subjugate the whole of Europe. Police forces and armies of the individual states do not intervene against them because the governments are secretly subordinate to supranational elites. For example, in Germany, the mere publication of crimes committed by Islamists is punishable by five years’ imprisonment. By contrast, their crimes are neither investigated nor punished!

NWO architects who have devised a plan of the Islamization of Europe are also working out a plan of the reduction of humanity to a so-called golden billion (now they even talk about only half a billion). Recently they have invented new fatal virus ‘bird flu’ and microchip in vaccines which causes total infertility. Just this method should reduce the number of the planet’s population by two-thirds. When Mr Gates presented his reduction programme at a conference in Switzerland, the participants applauded enthusiastically.

The NWO architects through the UN, WHO and other supranational organizations, along with the greatest bankers of the world, have enforced evil conventions and by using positive terminology globally changed the legislation. This made it possible to introduce a juvenile system which steals children from their parents! Families in Europe are therefore afraid to have even one child! Proper upbringing is labelled as psychological or economic violence. Children are stolen from their parents and psychologically and morally devastated. These are crimes against humanity! However, Francis shows no mercy to these victims – he is hypocritically silent. Moreover, the education system, starting from kindergarten, destroys children morally and psychologically and turns them into a kind of indefinite gender disposed to sexual perversion, narcotics and euthanasia. An intensive psychological struggle for the extermination of Europe takes place. Francis hypocritically asserts that Catholics must show mercy to the Islamic occupiers, so-called refugees, rather than to the children stolen. He requires of the believers literally “heroic virtues”! Unfortunately, this is not for the sake of Christ and the salvation of souls, but for the Antichrist and the genocide of Christianity in Europe. This is also the reason why he openly promotes gender perversion. If during wartime Pope Pius XII had publicly washed and kissed the feet of the Gestapo agents, it would mean that he took all the crimes of fascism on himself and the Church. Today, Francis washes the feet of transsexuals! By his gesture he rejected the law of God and took the blame for the evil autogenocidal processes fully upon himself – de facto upon the Catholic Church.

The spiritual curse which is making progress in Europe today has its deepest roots in Vatican II, especially in the declaration Nostra Aetate. This Declaration states falsely and heretically that the Christian Triune God is the same as the Islamic god of Mecca who says in the Koran that Christians must have their hands, feet and heads cut off. However, the heretical Neo-Modernists do have the same god as Buddhists, Hindus and other pagans – because they have fallen away from the faith and no longer worship the true God. They believe to be ranked among the so-called great Abrahamic religions together with Muslims. To those who said, “Abraham is our father”, Jesus replied, “You are of your father the devil because you seek to kill Me” (cf. Joh 8:44). Today, Modernists kill true Christians spiritually, and the worshippers of Allah kill them also physically.

The fact that the Islamization of Europe aimed at destroying Christianity has been planned is clear to everyone who has not yet lost all sense of reason. Unfortunately, Catholics like a blind herd repeat Francis’ pro-refugee mantras about suicidal pseudo mercy.

The Second Vatican Council opened the door not only to paganism but also to occult practices connected with it (cf. Deu 18:9f). When the nation turned away from the true God and embraced the worship of pagan idols, it was punished with wars and Babylonian Captivity. The post-conciliar Church promoted rather than warned against occult neopaganism and its so-called healing and meditative practices, such as homoeopathy, acupuncture, hypnosis, Zen and yoga meditations… Occult hypnosis has always been associated with trance and pagan demonism. Occult homoeopathy paved the way for homosexual immorality which the Scripture calls an abomination and God punishes it with annihilation (cf. 2Pe 2:6; Jud 7).

The post-conciliar Church was silent on the spread of occult music which has its roots in satanic voodoo. The Vatican was also silent on Kinsey and his perverse sexual revolution. The Vatican was silent when Hinduism was popularized through yoga, yogic meditations and various seminars held by gurus who are revered as gods. The Vatican was silent when Buddhism was popularized through martial art, Zen meditation and Buddhist teachings. This all had to be tolerated in line with the Vatican Council, and any form of apologia – defence of the faith – was eliminated. The Vatican was silent on the legalization of homosexuality as well as on the UN-promoted international sexual education programmes systematically demoralizing the younger generation. When the UN issued the Convention on the Rights of the Child which triggered the state stealing of children from their families, their sexual abuse and psychological demonization, the Vatican and its Popes and Cardinals still kept silent. Even when the parents affected turned directly to the Pope for help in despair, the response was just unbreakable silence. In addition, the Vatican covered up paedophile scandals among its own priests, and intimidated and punished the victims rather than the culprits. The Vatican was silent even on the conventions, recommendations and resolutions which abolished the Decalogue and the Law of God and established anti-laws. The Vatican was silent when the suicidal Lisbon Treaty was adopted which established homosexuality as a priority.

Now, however, the Vatican is no longer silent! Francis actively promotes homosexualism and Islamization with the purpose of destroying Christianity! God’s curse, acc. Gal 1:8-9, fell on the whole Catholic Church as early as 1 May 2011, on the day of beatification of John Paul II. All who are in unity with the Vatican’s heretical leaders are under an anathema.

There is but one thing that the Vatican refuses to do – true penance – it refuses to call the truth the truth, a lie a lie, heresy heresy.

Under the influence of Vatican II’s aggiornamento, Catholics have long ago fallen away from the living Christ. They will have no problem becoming Muslims if Vatican II has declared that we have the same god Allah.

Humanly speaking, there is no solution. Everything is in the hands of those whose aim is hell on earth and hell in eternity. But nothing will be impossible with God! If the Church in the individual nations begins to show true repentance and if heroes are found who will be willing even to lay down their lives for the sake of Christ and the nation, God can save Christianity in Europe! May missionaries be an example to us in these times. They were ready even to lay down their lives for the sake of Christ and the Gospel, and many did. They thus broke through the spiritual block which held people under the demonic sway of paganism. The Church after Vatican II has been exposed to the pressure of neopaganism! To repent means to admit that the II Vatican Council was and is heretical, i.e. invalid! To admit that syncretism with paganism is apostasy and that the historical-critical method is based on atheism and denies the essence of Christianity. This is concrete repentance!

Jesus says even today: “Unless you repent, you will all perish.” (Lk 13:3)


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+Methodius OSBMr                          +Timothy OSBMr

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