Papal infallibility and the reality of heresies – Part 1 (+ video)

22 February 2017

Today, Francis acts as a gravedigger of the papacy and the Church.

What is the true meaning of the papacy – the primacy and infallibility? Since the early centuries, the Pope has been a protective rock of the Church which “the gates of hell shall not prevail against” (Mt 16:18). The essence of the Church is the preservation of the saving truths of the faith based on a personal relationship to Christ. Vatican I (1871) formulated the infallibility dogma. Infallibility applies to the sphere of faith and morals.

In the history of the Church, however, there were Popes who either committed or approved heresy or proved by their life that they were apostates (i.e. lost the faith in Christ). After the proclamation of the dogma of papal infallibility, the enemies of the Church – Masons – began to construct a plan of how to destroy the Church and faith in Christ most effectively – through the office of the Apostle Peter. The Masonic Alta Vendita document states: They will think they are marching behind the banner of the keys of Peter when in fact they will be following our flag…

Catholics – common people as well as priests and bishops – are convinced that God would not allow the election of a heretical Pope. They regard it unthinkable that a Pope could commit heresy or fall away from the faith. What a tragic mistake! It is the same primitive thinking as that of the Jews who thought that God could not allow the demolition of the temple. God can allow it to happen if people and hierarchy fall away from Him. Catholic theology does not teach that a Pope cannot sin; it only teaches that he is infallible when speaking ex cathedra concerning the truths of faith and morals. The Orthodox conclude that Catholics understand the concept of primacy in such way that a Pope cannot sin. Showing concrete examples of the sins of the Popes in history, they provide evidence to prove that it is a lie. Though the Vatican and the Church hierarchy do not officially teach as the Orthodox say, they do make people think in this way. The minds of the Catholics have been instilled with the “virtuous” belief that God cannot allow a heretic or a man who knowingly goes against Christ and the Church and has a plan to disrupt the faith and moral principles of the Gospel to be appointed a bishop or cardinal or even pope! However, it did happen and now we can see the real facts and evidence of betrayal within the Church, especially since the early XX century up to the present day.

From the historical evidence of heresies and crimes committed by the Popes it is clear that if we want to defend papal infallibility and primacy, we need to better articulate the conditions under which charisma and infallibility operate and what they cover. Pope Paul IV set a simple rule: if a bishop or a pope before or after the election became a heretic, he holds office illegitimately – all his actions are without force (see Bull Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio).

The Church clearly formulates the commonly accepted truths of the faith which have been taught for 2,000 years. These mainly include that salvation is only in Jesus Christ and that the Scripture is inspired by God – it contains historical facts and not myths. God’s people were given the Ten Commandments, the sacraments were instituted… Christians know from the Holy Scripture that pagans worship demons and that the Islamic Allah has nothing in common with the true Triune God… If a Pope undermines these truths of faith, every true Christian can clearly and easily recognize that what the Pope proclaims is not in conformity with the teaching of the Church and Holy Scripture but is contrary to it.

The Pope is infallible in matters of faith and morals when speaking ex cathedra, if he is in the Church – i.e. if he is in unity with Christ, with the teachings of Christ! Similarly, the sacraments act “ex opere operato” with the condition that the priest or bishop is in unity with Christ and with the orthodox teachings of the Church. If he has fallen away – become an apostate, “ex opere operato” does not work anymore. And neither does papal infallibility. In brief, a heretic is no Pope anymore, and never was one.

Today, Francis kisses the feet of transsexuals, thus sanctifying this deviation, calls for the Islamization of every parish and monastery, has issued a heretical exhortation… Nonetheless, Catholics are not allowed to harbour any doubts about the heretical words and gestures of the Pope, let alone evaluate them truthfully. This psychological element has been deliberately abused in the Catholic Church by heretics and Masons with the aim to manipulate Catholics, to change the truths of faith, and thus to destroy the saving faith! However, Catholics are to remain convinced that they are Catholics, even though under the apostate leadership they have become apostates. They are to believe they are Christians and believe in Christ, though being subordinate to apostates they have lost the Spirit of Christ and received the spirit of Antichrist! What is the solution? In Part 2 entitled “Modernism and ecclesiastical euthanasia” we will take a closer look at this issue.


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