Message to Poland Part 2: Shocking attitude: confession before euthanasia?! (+ video)

9 January 2017

Polish priest Kobylinski, talking about so-called decentralization of the Church in the TV interview, also spoke on the issue of euthanasia associated with confession and Holy Communion.

Quote from the TV interview: “Catholic bishops in Canada released two documents – one group expressed the view that it is possible to administer the sacraments (confession, Communion) to those people who prepare for euthanasia. The other group of bishops stated that people who prepare for euthanasia must not receive the sacraments nor can they be given a Christian funeral.”

Response: How could it happen that some bishops approve euthanasia – suicide – by allowing priests to administer the sacraments to self-murderers before they consciously commit suicide? The consent of the bishops is a sign that they completely ignore the essence of the sacraments. This is not only a pastoral question but also a dogmatic one.

Heretical bishops who allow, and thus promote, the sacraments before assisted suicide (euthanasia), probably do not know the five basic conditions of confession which children learn in the Catechism: 1) examination of conscience, 2) contrition, 3) true intention, 4) confession, 5) satisfaction. If anyone decides to commit the sin of assisted suicide, one meets neither the condition of contrition nor true intention nor true confession, because one does not consider suicide a sin. This also applies to the bishop or priest who gives them absolution and Holy Communion. It is sacrilegious administration and receiving of the sacraments! Heretical priests thus give consent to those who have resolved to commit suicide to follow the road to perdition, and in doing so they abuse the sacraments. This is a blatant crime! Moreover, they kill the last drop of conscience in man. Their heretical attitude will cause others too to follow the same path of suicide to perdition without the slightest remorse. Such bishops and priests do not take God’s judgment and eternal destruction seriously at all. Their false humanism leads masses of people to hell.

The attitude of heretical bishops and priests towards the sacraments in relation to euthanasia is an attitude of a total absence of faith! Many people die suddenly, unprepared for death. The suffering that God allows before one’s death is, from an eternal perspective and from the perspective of the Church, a great blessing for the soul, because it is a time to repent. Then the suffering united to Christ has not only a cleansing character, but this sacrifice is also a form of mission and love, especially for the nearest relatives.

The priest should emphasize the love of God manifested in the redemptive suffering of Christ on the cross, which is actually the essence of pastoral care of the terminally ill. He should clarify the essential truths, namely the meaning of human life and suffering, death, God’s judgment, eternal condemnation in hell or eternal life in heaven, which particularly touch the seriously ill.

Before assisted suicide – euthanasia – the bishop or priest who abuses confession and Holy Communion assists the devil in leading the deceived soul to hell!

Only a few decades ago it was quite usual to see even small children in Catholic villages seriously worried when someone was gravely ill or dying. They worried lest the priest should be late and not manage to prepare the dying person in time for passing over to eternal happiness. When the priest did not manage to come in time or the dying person refused to accept him, children and their parents were deeply grieved, knowing that the person would be condemned forever. Even ordinary believers were instructed that in an unexpected situation, such as a crash or a severe accident at work, when there is no time to call a priest, they must help the dying person elicit perfect contrition by repeating the following words somewhere near him or directly in his ear: “Jesus, I love You; I repent of my sins.” The awareness of the need to save the soul was a strong motivation for the love of neighbour.

The influence of liberalism has led to the fact that today we almost do not hear about eternity, sin or Christ’s redemptive death on the cross or about the Last Things in the Catholic churches. All we hear is mantras about a common “god” with pagans, about the need to accept the Islamists, about the need to have compassion for homosexuals… This unity with heresies and love for sin is a new antigospel which leads to hell.

The postconciliar atmosphere completely changed the thinking. Statistics before the Council show that most Catholics received the anointing of the sick. Current statistics show the opposite. Most Catholics die without the sacraments. What a paradox that in this situation the Church forces sacrilegious sacraments on voluntary self-murderers!

The Bishops’ Conferences which approve administration of the sacraments before euthanasia just prove that such bishops are heretics, and therefore all their actions are without force – as well as their “sacraments” (see Bull of Pope Paul IV).

Quote by Kobylinski: “Analogously, in the case of euthanasia – in Canada, euthanasia was legalized by the state and is called assisted suicide… the Bishops issued documents – in western Canada stating that such people must not receive the sacraments, in eastern Canada that they can.”

Response: In this example from Canada, we can see that today pseudo Pope Francis gives the opportunity within the Catholic Church for official existence of heresies of all kinds. Moreover, they are already put into so-called pastoral practice under episcopal authority.

Pseudo Pope Francis kisses the feet of transsexuals, promotes Islamization in every parish and every monastery. In Amoris Laetitia, he denied the existence of objective moral standards. This activity of his encourages liberal bishops, priests and all heretics in the Church to act without any scruples. They can deny all the truths of the Catholic faith and put this apostasy officially into practice.

Quote by the editor: “This is a moment for pastoral work because this is what they emphasize – that there is no change in doctrine, they say that euthanasia remains an evil, the killing of man, and man has no right to ask for it or to do it. Here doctrine differs from pastoral work; however, pastoral care of such people is inevitable.”

Response by Dr. Szałata: “Regarding the patient in hospital requesting euthanasia, the priest can talk with him, but another thing is the administration of the sacraments. When one consciously renounces the attitudes proclaimed by the Catholic Church, thus losing communion with her, how could one be in communion with her through the sacraments? … The Church should be merciful, but when the Lord Jesus said to the sinful woman: ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ He continued: ‘Go and sin no more.’ And here the priest would have to say: ‘Your sins are forgiven; and now go and commit that sin.’ This is nonsense. They often use emotional scenes from films as an argument, where the condemned man has the right to confess, but this is a completely different situation because this man does not want to die.”

Commentary: Regarding the pastoral care of Catholics who request euthanasia, it must lie in an effort to divert them from this intention and to lead them through true repentance to the salvation of their souls!

The attitude of Canadian bishops is a sign of modern spiritual schizophrenia in the Catholic Church. If there is no change in doctrine, as they say, then before euthanasia – suicide – the priest must not administer the sacraments! If there is a change in doctrine, then this Church is heretical and the sacraments are invalid!

Quote by Kobylinski: “So now we have members of one Catholic Church who assess a serious matter in an entirely different way, namely euthanasia and the sacraments.”

Response: One group of the bishops in Canada approve administration of the sacraments before euthanasia, the other group reject it, and both have the authority of the Magisterium and refer to unity with the Holy See. This nonsense can be compared to a situation in which the Ministry of Transport splits and issues two documents. One part of the Ministry issues a document which confirms the usual driving on the right side of the road while the other part of the Ministry issues a document which allows driving on the left side too. What will be the result? Or, analogously, imagine that the Ministry of Health issues two laws. One law states that physicians are obliged to treat people, and the other law that physicians can remove patients’ organs and thus kill them.

To associate euthanasia with the Sacrament of Penance is total degradation of this sacrament.

What is the true meaning of the sacrament of the sick and the sacrament of reconciliation (confession)? To prepare for death by confessing sins and by receiving Holy Communion and the anointing with sacred chrism for passing over to eternal happiness. Sacrilege before assisted suicide, by contrast, prepares for passing over to eternal unhappiness!

A Christian approaches the Sacrament of Penance and receives Holy Communion to be able to fight against sin. But if sin is considered normal and the person concerned refuses to call it a sin, let alone fight against it, then what is the point of him going to confession and receiving Holy Communion? It is apparent sacrilege!

Regarding euthanasia, it was also vehemently promoted by Hitler with the purpose of exterminating the non-Aryan race, such as Gypsies, Jews, Slavs and politically undesirable persons. Today the NWO implements the vision of the Club of Rome of the reduction of humanity to a so-called golden billion. The NWO architects see the means of achieving this particularly in the mass use of euthanasia. But before that it is necessary to change public opinion, especially through the mass media, to adapt legislation, and the clergy will finally only give their blessing to this crime of murdering people. Doctors who took the Hippocratic Oath shall become murderers similar to German doctors in the concentration camps who gave lethal injections to end life.

The true Catholic view on euthanasia is that it is suicide, and man has no right to take his own life, as it was never his to begin with. Therefore, the Catholic Church clearly teaches that such a person is in all probability eternally condemned. Unfortunately, today, when heretics have occupied the highest positions in the Church as well as theological departments, we see a change of thinking, and the Catholic Church is no longer the light to the world nor the salt of the earth but because of heresies has become a spiritual Babylon.

What is the solution?

Only one thing is necessary for the restoration of the Church: true repentance! The Church must return to orthodox doctrine founded on Scripture and Tradition. This must be accompanied by receiving the Spirit of God – the Spirit of truth and renouncing the spirit of lies, heresies and death!


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

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