Declaration of anathema on John XXIII and Paul VI / Declaration of Vatican Council II as heretical and invalid (+ video)

1 May 2016

At the funeral of Pope John XXIII a certain bishop said: “Now the Church has two Antipopes named John XXIII.” This “canonized” archheretic John XXIII set a heretical line of the Council under the motto “aggiornamento” or adaptation to the world. But this is a betrayal of the Gospel of Christ and expulsion of the Holy Spirit from the Church! Today, after 50 years, we reap the disastrous fruits of this aggiornamento. The Council failed to address the current problem of eradicating the heresies of Modernism which had been condemned in the Dogmatic Bull of Pope St Pius X. On the contrary, the Pope of aggiornamento John XXIII at the pseudo Council gave full power to heretical theologians – false prophets. In his encyclical Pacem in Terris, under the rhetoric of human rights, he de facto opened the door to degenerate and criminal gender ideology. Today it is promoted by the UN likewise with phrases about human rights.

After his death, Paul VI continued in the same heretical spirit. He approved the heretical conciliar documents “On Freedom of Conscience” and “Nostra Aetate”. Both Popes bear full responsibility for beginning the process of internal suicide of the Church. This crime was officially confirmed by the approval of the documents of the Council. Pseudo Pope Francis, promoting Islamization and kissing the feet of transsexuals, visibly completes this process.

Both Popes of the Council are under God’s anathema according to Gal 1:8-9. This anathema is also placed on them in accordance with the Dogmatic Bull of Paul IV “Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio”. The Bull provides that a Pope who is guilty of heresy is excluded from the Church and all the documents approved by him are invalid! The Second Vatican Council and its documents are invalid under this Bull! The Council is also invalid because of heresies contained therein and because of the poisoned fruit it has borne.

Pope Honorius I and four Eastern Patriarchs were posthumously excommunicated from the Church by the Sixth General Council held at Constantinople by reason of the proclamation of heresies. This punishment is also enshrined in Rule 15 of the Seventh (the First-and-Second) Council of Constantinople.

Heresies which are obstinately preached are a flagrant sin against the Holy Spirit. The fruit of the Second Vatican Council is: The end of orthodox doctrine and of moral laws given by God! It puts an end to orthodox mission because according to the Council pagans no longer need to turn to Christ. Mission has been replaced by interreligious dialogue which has opened the door for the antimission of Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam to penetrate into the heart of the Church. This new, heretical teaching and this new spirit of pan-heresy is uncompromisingly enforced at all theological faculties. All bishops, priests and religious must receive it in virtue of false obedience. It is, in fact, mass apostasy, a betrayal of the Gospel of Christ and the expulsion of the Spirit of Truth! It is a spit in the face of the Crucified Saviour! It is a mockery of the millions of martyrs who shed their blood for the sake of Christ and His Gospel! This is the fruit of Vatican II and its spiritual fathers, archheretics, Popes John XXIII and Paul VI. The solution to this crisis is no dialogue! Eve had a dialogue with the devil in Paradise. The solution is only and only true repentance. The first step to it is declaration of anathema on the heretical Popes and declaration of the pseudo Council as invalid.

By authority of the apostolic and prophetic office, in the name of the Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate hereby declares an anathema on the heretical Popes John XXIII and Paul VI. The Holy Spirit established in the Word of God: “If anyone preaches any other gospel, let him be accursed!” (Gal 1:8-9). These two heretical Popes are posthumously excommunicated from the Catholic Church.

Furthermore, by authority of the apostolic and prophetic office, in the name of the Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate declares the Second Vatican Council enforced by heretical and apostate Popes as heretical and therefore invalid.


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr                         + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


Copies to:

Leaders of the Catholic and Orthodox Churches

Political leaders of America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia

Mass media

Download: Declaration of anathema on John XXIII and Paul VI / Declaration of Vatican Council II as heretical and invalid (1/5/2016)

German: Proklamation des Anathema auf Päpste Johannes XXIII und Paul VI. Proklamation des Zweiten Vatikanischen Konzils ketzerisch und ungültig (1. Mai 2016 );  video –

Polish: Ogłoszenie anatemy przeciwko papieżom Janowi XXIII i Pawłowi VI / Ogłoszenie II soboru watykańskiego za heretyczny i nieważny (1.5.2016); video –

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