Prayer guards (continual prayer)

The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate encourages Christians to turn to God in continual prayer. He will give you the wisdom and strength in the fight against demonic forces of darkness. Through your faith He will save your nation. Therefore, set prayer guards. Let all pray daily from 8 to 9 p.m. (holy hour) throughout the year. 23 people divide the remaining 23 hours of the day among themselves – this is one prayer guard praying for one week. There are three other prayer guards which pray during the next three weeks – each guard prays for one week. This rhythm is repeated all the year round.
The changing of the guards is on Sunday evening, at 9 p.m. Make a list of 23 people who will keep prayer guards 23 hours during the day and start your prayer of faith the following Sunday. After the end of your week of prayers, you have a break for three weeks, and then you continue the fourth week. Pray so all the year round. God promises the salvation of your nation. Even if you fail to find 23 people, do start praying. If there are only a few of you or even if you are only by yourself, do start. Choose a concrete hour of the day which suits you best, make a promise to God for one year and persevere! The more people do so (though only individually, not knowing about each other), the sooner there will be continual prayer. Remember, God sees you and puts His trust in you!


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Rom 7:1-2 (10/2/2019 – 24/2/2019)