The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate (BCP) publishes a sequence of articles elaborated by a scholar who resolved to provide it freely to the Patriarchate to spread this topical information among the Slavonic nations (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus…) as a warning against autogenocide. The BCP issues this publication on the occasion of the 1025th anniversary of the baptism of Kievan Rus.

Bestowing a blessing on the author Vic Flame and his Eastern mission,


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the BCP

+ Timothy OSBMr            + Methodius OSBMr

Secretary Bishops

Lvov (Ukraine), 1 June 2013




This article is intended to inform you about real dangers that the mass medias hide from you or distort. Its purpose is that you’ll be able to inform as many people as possible about the danger that’s at our doorstep, and that you’ll REACT against what some global authorities have plotted at our expense…

Does reality seem dark to you? OK. But it’s not because it’s dark that nothing can be done. We are the actors who build the world every day, and the vile system that is prepared for us won’t be able to succeed if the population, worldwide, stands against that system. But we must change our views and react, we must have the courage to leave our little comfort behind and to voice our disapproval. Moreover, we must keep ourselves informed and be careful regarding the information that we’re given, checking everything systematically (let’s not forget that our medias are under the command of the government and are part of big multinational companies that are at the origin of the problem, so what these medias broadcast is usually fake or deformed information).


Now, we’re going to address, in a non exhaustive way, some existing technologies that might be associated to chip implants to make them more “perfect” or to raise the manipulation and the control of minds, bodies and behaviours.

Please remember this : all that is said in this part of the article already exists now; if you didn’t hear about it in the mass media or if you don’t hear about it anymore at the moment, it doesn’t mean that “they” aren’t planning things out of our knowledge !

A) Cybernetics and transhumanism:

This part of technology is only (officially!) at its first steps of development. Nevertheless, some articles, such as the one that was published in the Washington Post of the 28th of August 2001, can’t leave us indifferent. It’s also possible to visit the French site and to ask to check the edition of the 15th of November 2001.


Even if you’re not a believer, I think that this chapter will be very useful to you.

The Bible contains numerous important messages. In the last part of the Bible, called the book of Revelations, the author, St. John, tells us about what was revealed to him regarding the period of the latter days and which leads to the return of Jesus Christ.

That part of the Bible is particularly difficult to understand in a precise way because John uses numerous images to tell us about “the end times”. He warns us about the Antichrist, about the false prophet, about the “beast” and “the mark of the beast”, which will all try to cause the loss and perdition of humankind. John also describes Judgement Day and the way that God will send warnings and “plagues” on Earth, then how He will sort out the Good ones and the Bad ones. 


As we said above, the subcutaneous microchip will be introduced to us as a wonderful device so that we’ll accept it without a second thought. But never forget this: if you let them implant that crap in your body, it will be over with your free agency, your privacy and your freedom!

So here are some wicked arguments that were introduced by A.D.S. and its subsidiary company, Verichip Corp. The chip implants will be used for:

 Safety in Internet applications for all transactions concerning electronic exchanges (e-commerce, e-payments)

 Research and rescue of individuals, including missing children or kids taken as hostages etc.

 Medical monitoring of high-risk patients


The extreme dangers of neural chips and brainchips seem self-explanatory. Now, let’s get back to the subcutaneous chips.

This new technology has multiple risks:


A) Dangers for privacy:

As we saw before, the microchip implant contains multiple data, and some of them are very personal (genealogy of the family, information on tax reports, criminal record etc.). The use of such a microchip could be a blaring infringement of the rights on private life.

Currently, even policemen don’t have as many details on individuals! We should actually gather police information, banks information, information kept by the ministry of finances, by the courthouses and city halls, by the doctors and by social security authorities to be as precise and complete as what the microchip contains! 


The existence of NEURAL CHIPS AND BRAINCHIPS, which are directly implanted into the nerves or brain, is of paramount importance. We can therefore list the infamous “brain-machine interface program” project developed by the DARPA (U.S. Department of Defense) or the “Activa Parkinson’s Control Therapy” developed by Medtronic, or the “Braingate” and “NeuroPort” systems developed by Cyberkinetics. We can also mention the very dangerous MMEA (Multiple micro electrodes array) brainchip. These chips, of course, allow a TOTAL mental, behavioral and emotional control, and allow to cause pleasure or… PAIN to the poor implanted person, at the whim of the person who sends waves from a ground station! These chips are not only an effective means of population control, but also a terrible and dangerous WEAPON!

These neural chips and brainchips have ALREADY been used in France and Belgium on patients with Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease in order to reduce some disturbing symptoms of these diseases (note that this is in NO WAY a “cure”! These chips do not allow to heal the patient, they only suppress uncomfortable symptoms).


At the moment where medicine uses micro-surgery  and begins to use small “electronic pills” that take pictures of our inner body (regarding this topic, go to and get some information about the pill-camera «PillCam»); in a time where people speak more and more about “nanotechnology” (a technology that is miniaturized to a microscopic or even molecular scale); now that the abortion pill is in sale in pharmacies, that contraceptive implants are used and that some genetic experiments on embryos were adopted; now that cloning experiments have begun, that cellphones are massively marketed (those cellphones whose waves and frequency are dangerous for your health), what do we notice?

First of all, we were progressively brought to adopt barcodes, then microchips on our cards (smart cards: bank cards, social security cards, credit cards and even identity cards for some countries – the new Belgian identity card is a good example), and finally microchip implants placed under the skin of animals and pets and called “transponders” (let’s notice that in some countries, those chip implants for animals have already become MANDATORY).

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Word of Life

“Or do you not know, brethren, that the law has dominion over a man as long as he lives? For the woman who has a husband is bound by the law to her husband as long as he lives. But if the husband dies, she is released from the law of her husband.”

Rom 7:1-2 (10/2/2019 – 24/2/2019)