Declaration of excommunication on pseudo Pope Francis (+ video)

14 February 2018

Francis Bergoglio, a Jesuit, has been admonished, warned several times to distance himself from heresies. However, he obstinately rejects any repentance. He continues to cause extreme offence not only to the believers of the Roman Catholic Church but also to all Christians and unbelievers.

By abusing the supreme church authority through heresies, he intensely promotes the self-destruction of the Church, in matters of both faith and morals.

It concerns the following heresies: Francis Bergoglio

1) denied the universally valid moral norms in the exhortation Amoris Laetitia.

2) did not distance himself from heresies of syncretism with paganism which place the redemptive death of Christ on the same level as the sacrifice to pagan gods, de facto demons. He thus destroys true mission.

Poles versus Islamization (+ video)

21 October 2017

At a critical moment at the Battle of Vienna in 1683, the King of Poland intervened with his troops, and Europe was saved from the crescent rule!

Faced with current Islamization, the Poles turned to God for help by the prayer of the Rosary. The government subsequently quitted a credit line from the IMF and refused to implement migrant quotas! At the same time, however, Archbishop Wojciech Polak abused his pastoral authority with a gross lie and opposed the authority of God! He threatened to exclude every priest who protects the faith and the nation. Let the punishment by which he threatens fall on him. Let him be excluded!

Polacy przeciwko islamizacji (+ wideo – polish version)

W krytycznym momencie bitwy pod Wiedniem w 1683 r. dołączył się do walki polski król ze swoim wojskiem, a Europa została uratowana od panowania półksiężyca!
W dzisiejszej islamizacji Polacy zwrócili się do Boga w modlitwę Różańca z prośbą o pomoc. W wyniku rząd odrzucił kredyt MFW i kwotę islamizacji! Ale jednocześnie arcybiskup Wojciech Polak brutalnym kłamstwem nadużył swego duszpasterskiego autorytetu i sprzeciwił się autorytetowi Boga! Groził ekskomuniką każdemu kapłanowi, który chroni wiarę i swój naród. Kara, którą grozi, niech spadnie na niego. Niech on zostanie ekskomunikowany!

Declaration of anathema on John XXIII and Paul VI / Declaration of Vatican Council II as heretical and invalid (+ video)

1 May 2016

At the funeral of Pope John XXIII a certain bishop said: “Now the Church has two Antipopes named John XXIII.” This “canonized” archheretic John XXIII set a heretical line of the Council under the motto “aggiornamento” or adaptation to the world. But this is a betrayal of the Gospel of Christ and expulsion of the Holy Spirit from the Church! Today, after 50 years, we reap the disastrous fruits of this aggiornamento. The Council failed to address the current problem of eradicating the heresies of Modernism which had been condemned in the Dogmatic Bull of Pope St Pius X. On the contrary, the Pope of aggiornamento John XXIII at the pseudo Council gave full power to heretical theologians – false prophets. In his encyclical Pacem in Terris, under the rhetoric of human rights, he de facto opened the door to degenerate and criminal gender ideology. Today it is promoted by the UN likewise with phrases about human rights.

The fruits of Vatican II after 50 years / Part 2: Quotes from Nostra Aetate and declaration of anathema (+ video)

Part 1 – Crypto-fascism of Vatican II

Part 2 – Quotes from Nostra Aetate and declaration of anathema

Part 3 – The greatest disaster of the 20th century

Part 2

Quotes from Nostra Aetate and declaration of anathema

On the 50th anniversary of Vatican II, it is wise to take stock and to show the pernicious, catastrophic fruits in a true light. Jesus says: “A tree is known by its fruit: a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.” (Mt 7:18) In this context, He continues: “Beware of false prophets (heretical theologians). They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits.” (v. 15-16)

The application of the Vatican II document, particularly under the slogan “a regard for other religions”, resulted in a mass expansion of paganism not only in Europe. Many religious superiors started inviting Buddhists and Hindus to their monasteries. Nostra Aetate thus prepared the ground for an invasion of Asiatic paganism which denies one God the Creator and Jesus Christ the Saviour.

Apostate Francis

The World Youth Day took place in Rio de Janeiro with the representative of the Catholic Church Francis. The spirit that dominated the atmosphere of the World Youth Day was a spirit of impurity, neopaganism and homosexuality. This was evidenced by the music, dancing of bishops, gestures and speeches. By his bad example and by his words, the apostate Francis actually gave his blessing to all destructive influences nowadays, that means, to homosexuality, occultism and impurity. This is a visible sign of the spirit of antichrist. He did not say a single word to warn the youth against the danger of autogenocide as a result of homosexuality, juvenile justice, drugs, decadent music, chipping or euthanasia.

Download: Declaration of anathema on Francis Bergoglio


Polish: Apostata Franciszek-sługą antychrysta (video)

Apostata Franciszek-sługą antychrysta  (Articles)

Ogloszenie anatemy na Franciszka Bergoglio

Declaration of anathema on Francis Bergoglio (+ video)

Lvov (Ukraine), 2 August 2013


Today, on 2 August 2013, the Eastern Christian Church celebrates the feast of St. Prophet Elijah. On this day, the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate by authority of the Triune God declares an anathema – God’s curse (Gal 1:8-9) – on the Roman Bishop Francis Bergoglio. The reason is that he abused the Church office to break the law of God. He promotes amoral homosexual views, which is contrary to the essence of the Gospel and destroys all moral values.

Francis Bergoglio is thus excluded from the Mystical Body of Christ. He now holds his office in the visible Church organization unlawfully.

Apostasy of Patriarch Kyrill (+ video)

Lvov, 31 May 2012

President of the Russian Federation

Vladimir Putin

Dear Mr President!

On 30 May 2012, Patriarch Kyrill attended a syncretistic meeting in Astana whereby he in fact denied the Gospel (Gal 1:8-9) and the whole Tradition of the Orthodox Church. He even accepted membership in the so-called “Council of Religious Leaders” and thus created unity of spirit with Buddhists, Hindus, Shintoists, Zoroastrians and other pagans who worship demons. Owing to this betrayal of Christ and of the Church he was deprived of God’s grace. The Orthodox believers are obliged to separate from him.

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Word of Life

“Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us.”

Gal 3:13a (22/4/2018 – 6/5/2018)