Pastoral letter of the Bishops’ Synod of the UO GCC to the Christians of Ukraine

Dear faithful!

We are coming to the close of the Lenten period which culminates on Good Friday when we commemorate the death of Christ on the cross. Jesus died on Calvary for us all, that means, for each of us individually. We form a community, we form the Ukrainian nation. The crucifixion of Christ was preceded by the betrayal of Judas. The betrayal was followed by unjust trial both before the Church and state. The plotter was the then religious hierarchy who opposed God and God’s word and delivered the Son of God to be crucified and disgraced. After being sentenced to death, Jesus suffered cruel scourging and painful and humiliating crowning with thorns. This was followed by the way of the cross during which Jesus fell to the ground several times until He reached the place of execution. When He had come to Golgotha, His hands and feet were nailed to the cross and the cross was erected. Three hours of extreme suffering, physical, mental and spiritual. Jesus suffers and dies. His suffering is associated with the last seven words from the cross.

Planned genocide of the UO GCC

18 April 2014

Prosecutor General of Ukraine

Minister of the Interior of Ukraine

Head of the Security Service of Ukraine

Dear Sirs!

This week, when Christians around the world commemorate the Passion of Christ (betrayal, unlawful condemnation, scourging and crucifixion of Jesus), it came to our knowledge that the leadership of the UGCC was finally successful with the government authorities when demanding religious genocide of the orthodox Greek Catholics.

According to our information, the Security Service of Ukraine of the Lvov Region prepared a large-scale action concerning this matter, which also involves physical destruction of undesirable people. The Security Service of Ukraine now just waits for a “command” from Kiev.

A reply to the Archbishop of Philadelphia regarding EuroMaidan

Lvov (Ukraine), February 12, 2014
Charles J. Chaput
Archbishop of Philadelphia


Your Excellency,

You have written an appeal to the U.S. Government to punish the Ukrainian Government for alleged crimes on the EuroMaidan.

Quotation from Your letter: “Today I ask all Catholics in the Greater Philadelphia region to pray urgently for the Church in Ukraine and to press our elected federal representatives for financial restrictions on Ukraine…”

Response: You hypocritically call for prayers for the Church in Ukraine. The leaders of this Church, Card. Husar and Msgr. Shevchuk, exploit the common faithful of the UGCC as a live shield on the Maidan. The power behind them is trained foreign terrorists who are seeking to overthrow the Government by means of the so-called U.S. revolutionary technologies.

An Appeal to the U.S. Government

Lvov (Ukraine), February 9, 2014


Due to unlawful interference of the EU and USA in the internal affairs of Ukraine, Ukraine has found itself on the brink of civil war. Only thanks to the prayers of the faithful God does not allow this war. The U.S. have financed and organized extremist attacks of radicals, given both financial and political support to the EuroMaidan, sent extremist groups to Ukraine, etc. The U.S. revolutionary technologies used the networks built in Ukraine by so-called charitable, in fact subversive organizations. The paradox is that the most powerful ideological force behind the current globalization efforts in Ukraine is the treacherous Church hierarchy, namely the Head of the UGCC S. Shevchuk and the Head of the UOC KP Filaret, along with the leaders of the so-called Council of Churches. Shevchuk and Filaret have made several visits to Brussels. They present themselves as representatives of the nation without the authorization of the legitimate government. Moreover, these days Shevchuk and Filaret hold talks with representatives of the U.S. government in Washington, asking them for “active intervention” even at the cost of bloodshed. The aim is occupation of Ukraine by active leaders and recruited Masons, who hypocritically call themselves “the nation”. The U.S. sponsor 150,000 activists whom they have used to build out a network. Through million-dollar bribery in the highest offices they have created a shadow government.

A review of the new gender law


David Zhvaniya, MP, has informed that one of the criterions of the passed election law is gender representation in the list of candidates. It establishes that the minimum representation of women must be 30%.

In 2010, PACE Resolution 1728 changed the meaning of the term “gender”. This term used in legislation no longer stands for gender as such. The essence of gender ideology is that a man has the right to declare himself to be a woman, and vice versa. He has the right to change his hairstyle and clothing, receive hormone treatment or undergo a sex-change operation. Even if his physiology remains unchanged and he just declares that he is not a man but a woman, the state must fully accept his decision. State authorities are then obliged to change his personal data accordingly.

Epiphany 2014: A call for repentance /Pastoral letter/

Lvov (Ukraine), 19 January 2014


The Gospel testifies: “When Jesus had been baptized in the Jordan, behold, the heavens were opened and a voice from heaven said: ‘This is My beloved Son.’” The essence of the Epiphany is the manifestation of Jesus as true God and the promised Saviour. The condition for us to welcome this revelation in faith is sincere repentance. Today it means dissociation from heresies which destroy the Church and from the EuroMaidan which paves the way for homosexuality and hence suicide of the Church and nation.

The Pharisees rejected God’s plan for them, for they had refused John’s baptism and repentance. Unfortunately, many modern Pharisees likewise refuse true repentance, they reject Christ and His Gospel and approve of homosexuality.

Removal of Msgr. A. Franco from office

Lvov (Ukraine), 1 January 2014

Vatican Secretariat of State


Antonio Franco, a paedophile prelate who committed crimes against minors escaped just punishment and was just transferred as Nuncio from Ukraine to Jerusalem, where he holds the office to this day. If the Vatican fails to penalize paedophile prelates, we demand that the Vatican Secretariat of State should at least remove the person concerned from office on the ground that he has reached the age of 75. Scandals of this kind have cost the Church in the U.S. 2 billion dollars and loss of credit. These scandals spread through Ireland to Australia. Sad to say, the Vatican neglects to take effective measures.

Coup techniques

Lvov (Ukraine), 6 December 2013

Minister of the Interior

State Security Committee


The scenario of a coup through professional revolutionaries, which has been applied in many countries, such as Iraq, Algeria, Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Libya, Georgia…:

1) emotional snag

2) inflammation, a clash with the police

3) demonstration = masses taking to the streets

4) sacral victim

5) falsification of elections and takeover

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Word of Life

“Or do you not know, brethren, that the law has dominion over a man as long as he lives? For the woman who has a husband is bound by the law to her husband as long as he lives. But if the husband dies, she is released from the law of her husband.”

Rom 7:1-2 (10/2/2019 – 24/2/2019)