Ratification of the Istanbul Convention in Ukraine?

29 March 2016

To Christian Churches in Ukraine

Mass media in Ukraine have reported on ratification of the Istanbul Convention under the title of Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence. Both the name and information have a purely positive impact. The reader learns about the necessity of changing 6 codes and 15 acts.

This pressure on Ukraine comes from the Council of Europe, and other European states, including Russia, are under the same pressure. There was a huge demonstration in Saint Petersburg in favour of Russian withdrawal from the Council of Europe by reason of this destructive Convention which eliminates all moral values and introduces a new body (GREVIO http://vkpatriarhat.org/en/?p=12524) establishing a mechanism for stealing children from parents for hypocritically fabricated reasons, such as so-called domestic violence. This piracy and crimes against children and parents lead to self-destruction of the nation.

Do not allow changes in the Constitution!

4 July 2015

President of Ukraine

Peter Poroshenko

Dear Mr President,

on 28 July we will commemorate the one thousandth anniversary of the death of St Vladimir. Being a Christian ruler, he promoted the laws of God in Kiev and all Kievan Russia for a period of 27 years. He resisted the cruelty of paganism associated with perversion and human sacrifices to demons. When St Vladimir showed mercy towards criminals several years before his death, the head of the Church and the wise elders rebuked him: “If you neglect to punish the evil, you will do harm to the good and cause the increase of crime.”

What are the so-called rights of sexual minorities and so-called antidiscrimination laws? It is, in essence, demagogy and introduction of ruthless discrimination against 99% of Ukrainians, involving imprisonment and unjust punishments. In other words, it is in fact destruction of the nation by sexual deviants – homosexuals, transsexuals, sadomasochists, zoophiles, necrophiles, paedophiles and other mentally ill individuals and criminals. Adoption of new “standards” in the Constitution will give these deviants the right to commit their crimes with impunity. If anyone will defend himself against them, he will be labelled as a homophobe, zoophobe or necrophobe, and punished as violator of the new Constitution. The amended Constitution will mean public renunciation of the nation’s Christian roots and tradition. It will mean rebellion against God, paving the way for moral and physical autogenocide of Ukraine.

The danger of the approval of the Rome Statute

The approval of the Rome Statute would lead to the persecution of Christians, pose a threat to the family and gradually pave the way for the legalization of various forms of sexual perversion. Legalization of same-sex marriages, adoption of children by homosexuals and perverse sexual “education” of children are nowadays regarded as European standards and priorities of the EU and U.S. policies. Protection of sexual perversion and unjust and unwarranted special privileges for LGBT people have become the subject of various resolutions of international organizations. This policy destroys the family and poses a great danger to a state built on Christian moral principles. It will lead to a drastic persecution of parents and Christians, and will also be the cause of autogenocide and rapid extinction of the nation.

The signing of the Rome Statute would mean subordination of Ukraine to the International Criminal Court. It would mean that Christians, when judged by the new international standards, would be treated as homophobes, i.e. people who allegedly discriminate against and persecute LGBT persons.

Prohibition of the practices of alternative medicine

Lvov (Ukraine), 11 January 2014

Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Dear Minister of Health,

we hereby ask You to ensure the prohibition of deceptive alternative medicine practices. In the first place it concerns homoeopathy (see academic book by Prof. MUDr. J. Heřt: Alternative Medicine, Options and Risks, 1995, Prague).

Homoeopathy, in essence, is a colossal deceit in medicine. Every expert, physician or pharmacist must tap their forehead, seeing how people are deceived and robbed of money, and in addition, their health is seriously endangered.

Rejection of the bill on Ukraine’s accession to the Convention on Protection of Children and Co-Operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption

Lvov (Ukraine), 24 May 2013


What is hidden behind these lofty terms which the officials used to deceive the President? Establishment of the trafficking of children under the guise of so-called international adoption. In addition, it is another lever of the supranational juvenile justice system and its fruit is no protection of children but the stealing of children from their parents and their mental, moral and physical devastation. It involves the cruellest crimes against children in the history of mankind. Despite a publicity ban there are more and more cases being revealed of unhappy parents whose children have been stolen from them. In France, 2.5 million artificial orphans have been reported. In Germany, 70,000 children have been stolen from their parents within a year. In Norway, about 60 out of the stolen children commit suicide every year. How many children die “thanks to” the so-called international adoption trade, how many mothers commit suicide out of despair because of these atrocious laws on demonization of defenceless children!

Annulment of the pseudolaw on the Single Register (+ video)

Lvov (Ukraine), 24 November 2012
President of Ukraine
V. Yanukovych
Heads of Regional Authorities of Ukraine

Dear Mr President, dear Sirs,

– After the new elections, the former Parliament unlawfully approved a purely unconstitutional law on Single state demographic register.

– The law did not undergo the procedural stages. For the third time it was passed only by the former Parliament without the President, which has no legal force.

Oleh S., an expert in this field, said to this: “Data from all departmental information systems will be concentrated in one hand. Thus all government institutions become informationally dependent on the owner of the Single Register. This is a gliding transition from democracy to a totalitarian state regime.”

A new definition of the family

Lvov, 25 August 2012

Members of Parliament of Ukraine


In a series of constant changes in Ukrainian legislation we have learnt a shocking novelty that the family no longer consists of husband, wife and children, but of people who live together interconnected by a common residence and having mutual rights and obligations” (Social Code of Ukraine, Section ХVII, Social Protection of the Family, Children and Youth, Part 17.1, General conditions of social protection of the family, Art. 243 pt. 2)

According to this amendment, the Social Code guarantees formation of many types of families, such as a family of thieves: thieves living together; a mafia family: mafiosos living together; a family of drug addicts: drug addicts living together; a homosexual family: homosexuals living together; a paedophile family: paedophiles living together with their child victims…

An SOS before the election

Lvov (Ukraine), 11 August 2012

Representatives of political parties in Ukraine

Dear Sirs and Madams!

Each political party is required before the election to answer two basic questions which personally and existentially concern every citizen of Ukraine. Everyone will thus be able to recognize whether Your party is for life or for genocide of Ukraine.

1) What is Your attitude toward gender-gay ideology?

2) What is Your attitude toward the juvenile justice system?

Your silence or ignorance will testify that You have betrayed the Ukrainian nation.

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Word of Life

“Likewise you also, reckon yourselves to be dead indeed to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Rom 6:11 (4/11/2018 – 18/11/2018)