The fifth anniversary of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

On 5 April 2011, the Synod of Bishops of the UO GCC met in Zhovkva, Ukraine, and established the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate. It became an independent religious structure which exercises prophetic ministry in matters of faith and morals for both the Western and Eastern Churches. Archbishop Elijah OSBMr was elected Patriarch and Bishops Methodius OSBMr and Timothy OSBMr were appointed Secretary Bishops.

Before the establishment of the Patriarchate, the Synod of Bishops of the UO GCC wrote nearly 20 appeals to Pope Benedict XVI, beseeching him not to beatify John Paul II because this gesture would de facto approve his apostate direction in the Church and open the door to syncretism with paganism. Especially his apostate gesture in Assisi became a programme of spreading the spiritual infection of neo-paganism within the Church. In addition, John Paul II is responsible for his tacit consent to the heresies of neo-Modernism which undermined the foundations not only of the Catholic Church but of Christianity in general.

“Molotov cocktails” – the fruits of religious hatred on the part of UGCC hierarchy

The Ukrainian  Greek Catholic Church in their churches constantly slander the orthodox Greek Catholic Church and incite religious hatred. As a result, it was not the first time that terrorists hired by them attacked the Monastery of the Sisters of St Elijah the Prophet in Bryukhovychi.

On the night of the 28/29th September, the Sisters kept vigil: they prayed in the chapel for our afflicted nation, for God’s mercy on Ukraine. Suddenly at half past two a.m., someone threw large stones through the window followed by three “Molotov cocktails”. A fire started and one could not see anything because of black smoke. The Sisters’ eyes were stinging from the toxic smoke, they could hardly breathe. One of the Sisters fainted, so the other Sister pulled her out of the flames into the corridor. The Sisters tried to extinguish the fire with water but it did not help. Everything was in flames; but the fire did not dare to touch the altar and the tabernacle. The following “cocktails” flew into the next room where the window caught fire, and then into another three rooms where some of the Sisters were wounded by pieces of broken glass (18 cocktails altogether). The police who arrived on the scene of crime called an ambulance for the injured Sisters, and the fire brigade was called out to the fire.

Anniversary of the jubilee renewal of baptism

On Sunday, 6 July 2014, we will mark the first anniversary of the renewal of baptism in the Dnieper River in Kiev.

We vividly recall the canonization of John Milic of Kromeriz, Czech preacher of repentance and prophet, by Patriarch Elijah of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate during a solemn liturgy in front of the Church of St. Sophia in Kiev on the eve of the feast of nativity of St. John the Baptist. After the Divine Liturgy, we, the believers of the Ukrainian orthodox Greek Catholic Church (UO GCC), together with our bishops and Patriarch Elijah marched in procession with banners and placards, singing religious songs, from the Church of St. Sophia to the sculpture of St. Olga, St. Andrew and Slavonic apostles Sts. Cyril and Methodius. From there we went to the statue of St. Vladimir, where all of us – on behalf of ourselves and of the whole nation – renounced the devil and demonic forces. Then we confessed the faith and went down to the Dnieper.

The 3rd anniversary of the establishment of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

On 5 April 2014, we celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the establishment of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate.

The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate was established in order to unite all orthodox Christians under spiritual authority which fully represents the true Gospel and the teaching of Christ on earth. This authority categorically dissociates itself from all heresies and professes the saving faith which ensures a safe way to salvation for all who are subordinate to the spiritual authority of the Patriarchate. The mission and purpose of the Byzantine Patriarchate is to give patronage to all believers who desire to preserve the sacred deposit of the Catholic faith, regardless of nationality or belonging to any of the Catholic Churches or traditions.

Saint John Milic of Kromeriz (Brief biography)

Saint John Milic of Kromeriz

canonized 6 July 2013, Kiev

(Brief biography)


The beginning of the third millennium is the time when we need to think about the Scripture prophecy about the coming of the Antichrist. John Milic of Kromeriz, a preacher of repentance in Prague, warned of the presence of the spirit of evil in the world.

The brother of Pope Urban V, Cardinal of Albania, said about Milic: “Although my brother, the late Pope, shines with miracles, this Milic should be canonized before my brother.” Today, the time is ripe for the canonization of this prophet and servant of Christ.

This day, 6 July, is connected with the martyrdom of another Bohemian preacher of repentance, John of Husinec.

Czech history has its heroes. During the reign of Charles IV, King of Bohemia and Roman Emperor, there lived a servant of God and prophet John who served in the Kingdom of Bohemia. He was not afraid of telling the truth, even if it was not to people’s liking. He was not afraid of going against the stream! God’s words came alive in his mouth to confront the dismal state of society and the Church. What’s more, they convicted even the Emperor himself.

Episcopal consecration

On the Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul, 12 July 2013 (according to the Julian calendar used in the Eastern Church), the Episcopal consecration will be held in the Monastery Church of the Nativity of Christ in Drohobych. The consecrator will be Archbishop Marcian OSBMr, Head of the UO GCC, and the co-consecrators will be the Bishops of the UO GCC.

The candidate for the episcopate is the monk-priest Demetrius Andrew Karpa OSBMr.

He joined the Basilian Order in 2000. He finished theological studies in Rome and underwent sound theological and spiritual formation in Lvov-Bryukhovychi. He was ordained a priest by the deceased Archbishop Michael in Lvov-Bryukhovychi.

Bishop Michael Osidach died

On 21 February 2013, Bishop Michael Osidach died. His wish was to be buried by one of the orthodox Catholic bishops. He expressed that wish 14 days before his death.

When Bishop Marcian, religious sisters and orthodox Catholic believers came to the funeral in his native village, the UGCC clergy headed by the vicar Kotkyevych did not open the coffin at all and created a scandal during the funeral procession.

Consecration of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus to the Most Holy Mother of God (+ video)

Kiev, 8 January 2013, Synaxis of the Most Holy Theotokos


In this historic hour, on behalf of all the orthodox Catholic and Orthodox Christians of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, and on behalf of Presidents Viktor Fedorovych, Vladimir Vladimirovych and Olexandr Grygorovych, I, Elijah, Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate, consecrate these three Slavic nations to the Most Holy Mother of God.

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Word of Life

“Now he who keeps His commandments abides in God, and God in him. And by this we know that He abides in us, by the Spirit whom He has given us.”

1Jn 3:24 (14/7/2019 – 28/7/2019)