Gender genocide – an open letter to three Presidents

11 June 2018

Dear Presidents of the USA, the Russian Federation, and the Czech Republic,

there are cunning efforts to incorporate gender ideology into the legislation of democratic states. This ideology is a totalitarian one, similarly to the ideology of fascism. Therefore, it should likewise be condemned by the public before it is too late. It is even worse than all the previous totalitarian ideologies because it deforms the human mind as well as male and female identity from early childhood and turns people into mental and physical wrecks. It bears the signs of open Satanism. From the Christian point of view, it is an obvious rebellion against God and God-established order.

This inhuman system is dictated by supranational resolutions, conventions (e.g. Istanbul Convention), recommendations and declarations of the EU, CE and UN.

Reakció a három homoszexuális áldozat találkozása Ferenccel (in Hungarian)

25. 5. 2018

Világszerte közzétette a média Ferenc Bergoglio találkozását három homoszexuális áldozattal Csillében. Felelős megoldás helyett Ferenc ezekkel az áldozatokkal visszaélve precedensként érvényesítve a hamis toleranciát a homoszexualitás és a pedofíliával szemben. A csapat tagadjai megtagadták az Isteni és a természetes törvényeket. Geynek szó szerint azt mondta: „Isten téged így teremtett”.

Ez hazugság és eretnekség. Az ember Istennek képmására teremtetett , mint férfi és nő. Csak két nem, férfi és nő. Isten nem teremtett szexuális perverziót. Ez a bűn gyümölcse.

Ferenc az ösztönzésében tagadta az objektív erkölcsi normákat. Meg csókolja a lábát, transzszexuálisnak és homoszexuálisnak. Bebizonyítja az egész világ előtt, hogy nincs benne Krisztus Lelke, hanem az antikrisztus szelleme.

Response to the meeting of Francis with three victims of homosexual paedophilia (+ video)

25 May 2018

The world’s media have published a report on Francis Bergoglio’s meeting with three victims of homosexual paedophilia from Chile. Instead of a responsible approach, Francis has used these victims as a precedent for promoting false tolerance towards homosexuality and paedophilia. He has thus denied divine and natural laws. He literally said to a gay: “God made you like this.”

This is a lie and a heresy. Man was created in the image of God as a man and a woman. There are only two sexes, male and female. God did not create sexual perversion. It is the fruit of sin.

In his exhortation, Francis has denied universal moral standards. He kisses the feet of transsexuals and homosexuals. Before the entire world, he proves that he does not have the Spirit of Christ but the spirit of antichrist.

Anathema on 161 Members of the Greek Parliament (+ video)

11 May 2018

On 9 May 2018, the Greek Parliament passed legislation allowing homosexuals to abuse children and to enrich themselves by their suffering. Cover name: adoption. In addition, it mostly concerns children stolen from their loving parents by the evil juvenile justice system.

The law was passed by 161 MPs. For this crime against God, conscience and humanity, they have brought God’s punishment – anathema – curse on themselves. They have excluded themselves from the Mystical Body of Christ – the Church!

Ανάθεμα εναντίον των 161 βουλευτών της Βουλής (+ βίντεο)

11η Μαΐου 2018

Στις 9 Μαΐου 2018, το ελληνικό κοινοβούλιο ψήφισε νομοθεσία που επιτρέπει στους ομοφυλόφιλους να κακοποιούν τα παιδιά και να εμπλουτίζονται από τα βάσανά τους. Όνομα κάλυψης: υιοθεσία. Επιπλέον, αφορά κυρίως τα παιδιά που κλέβονται από τους αγαπημένους γονείς τους από το εγκληματικό σύστημα δικαιοσύνης ανηλίκων.

Ο νόμος προωθήθηκε από 161 βουλευτές. Γι’αυτό το έγκλημα κατά του Θεού, της συνείδησης και της ανθρωπότητας, επέσυραν στον εαυτό τους την τιμωρία του Θεού – αναθέμα – κατάρα. Έχουν αφοριστεί από το Μυστικό Σώμα του Χριστού – την Εκκλησία!

German bishops have elevated an abomination as a sacrament

6 February 2018

German Cardinal R. Marx has introduced blessing ceremonies for homosexual couples as part of pastoral care. The priest who wants to administer this new “sacrament” will be authorized by his bishop. (Britain’s newspaper Catholic Herald, Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Radio), 3 Feb 2018).

Patriarch Kirill has likewise joined the promotion of homosexuality in the Council of Europe.

What is the attitude of the Scripture and the Tradition of the Church?

Quote by the Apostle Peter: “Turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah into ashes, God condemned them to destruction, making them an example to those who afterward would live ungodly.” (2Pe 2)

Quote by the Apostle Jude: “In a similar way, Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns gave themselves up to sexual immorality and perversion. They serve as an example of those who suffer the punishment of eternal fire.” (Jud 1)

Resignation of Pope Francis – Easter appeal

16 April 2017

The Byzantine Patriarchate appealed to You during Lent to consider Your resignation from office.

It has been reported recently that You have stood up for paedophile priests, child abusers, by introducing a ‘prayer not prison’ punishment scheme. The victims are shocked! Child abuse thus becomes normal and paedophiles are now free to continue the torture of children.

When a 1.5-million-strong demonstration was held last year in Rome against adoption of children by homosexuals, who are often paedophiles too, You did not support the demonstration but harshly condemned it. You thus stood in defence of deviants against innocent children and parents! Speaking phrases about healing with a caress and thus de facto promoting the adoption of children by homosexuals and paedophiles is blatant hypocrisy. In fact, You thus support the cruel juvenile justice mechanism!

Stop to bestial child-stealing and -abuse mechanism in the Czech Republic (An open letter to the President and Government of the Czech Republic)

22 March 2017

Show trials have started against mothers whose children are stolen on grounds of all kinds of syndromes, which mechanism has been imposed on the Czech Republic by the Council of Europe. We hereby call for concrete steps of salvation, while there is still time.

Black clouds begin to gather over the Czech Republic from several sides. They have a common goal – a holocaust or autogenocide of the Czech nation. It concerns LGBTQ privileges connected with the adoption of children stolen from their loving parents, next the promotion of the bestial juvenile justice system, and Islamization. Drug use has already been legalized, and under pressure from the CE it will probably be followed by the legalization of child euthanasia too. It is reprehensible that the church hierarchy is silent, as if it was nothing. They only raise their voice when defending their restitution interests.

Social services have stolen two sons from a Czech citizen living in Norway. 5000 people have demonstrated outside the Norwegian Embassy in Prague in support of the mother and for the return of the children. The children have not been returned to the mother until this day! The Czech President has truthfully called the Norwegian social services ‘gangsters’.

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Word of Life

“For we know that our old self was crucified with Him so that the body of sin might be done away with, that we should no longer be slaves to sin.”

Rom 6:6 (23/9/2018 – 7/10/2018)