The Bible and morality

November 7, 2018

Life is a test which decides whether we will have a happy or unhappy eternity. The biggest reality is death. The purpose of life is not the pursuit of sensual pleasures, the less so becoming their slave. The purpose of life is to seek the truth, to love it, to sacrifice ourselves for it, and, if necessary, even to die for it. Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, is the Truth Incarnate. We who have accepted the Truth – Jesus – become the adoptive (second-born) sons and daughters of God (cf. Jn 1:12). God wants us to save our souls for eternity (cf. Mk 8:35; Jn 12:24). If we actively enter into spiritual unity with Jesus, we have the strength to resist the source of evil in us, the system of lies in the world as well as the spirit of lies, the devil (cf. Jam 4:4-8). Jesus is the Way (Jn 14:6). To follow this Way, God has given us laws and commandments whose observance requires self-denial and the following of Jesus (Mt 16:24).

The apostate hierarchy promotes antilaws, an antigospel and the spirit of the world – aggiornamento – in the Church. It is a betrayal of the essence and the way to (temporal) hell here on earth and (eternal) hell after death!

The Bishops’ Synod and the Epistle of the Apostle Peter

October 31, 2018

Although Francis Bergoglio is a heretic under an anathema and a promoter of sodomy, he vehemently presents himself as a valid successor to the Apostle Peter. The fact that he does not have the Spirit of Christ but the spirit of Antichrist is proved by his line of purposeful incorporation of sodomy into the Church and unyielding promotion of Islamization. His last breakthrough was that he handpicked the delegates for the Synod of the Bishops, with the purpose of, for the time being semi-secretly, promoting the legalization of sodomy in the Church.

A bishop from Cameroon was shocked at what the Bishops’ Synod was actually discussing, and expressed genuine concerns that when he returns to his diocese with such a result, 99.9% of his believers will knock on his door and ask him threateningly what the Synod’s approval of LGBT means!?

In the post-synodal atmosphere, Bergoglio and the alliance of church sodomites create the impression that homosexuality was not discussed at all. Card. Marx, who openly promotes same-sex marriages in churches, has told the massmedia without the trace of a blush that it was not a synod on LGBT but a synod on the young. A similar impression has been created by Bishop Holub: “We have adopted a document on youth… Thank God and Pope Francis! I’m excited!” Why such excitement?

The Bishops’ Synod and LGBTQ

October 30, 2018

Quote from the Final Document: “The Church renews its commitment against all discrimination and violence on a sexual basis.”

Commentary: Instead of standing against Francis and making him resign for his covering up of violence on a sexual basis, the Synod does the exact opposite and issues a final document legalizing sodomy!

The Synod was obliged to renew its commitment to follow the path of repentance and of keeping God’s commandments. However, it made a specific commitment against all discrimination on a sexual basis. The Church of Francis will now stand against homophobes, i.e. those who will defend God’s commandments!

Quote: “(The Synod) considers it reductive to define the identity of persons solely on the basis of their ‘sexual orientation’.”

The Bishops’ Synod has brought the Church to the brink of schism – what is the solution?

October 29, 2018

By the final document proclaimed on October 27, 2018, the Bishops’ Synod in Rome legalized sodomy in the Church which the Holy Scripture warns against with the punishment of eternal fire (2Pt 2:6). This led to the culmination of an internal schism in the Catholic Church. The apostate hierarchy present in the Synod thus embedded in the document open rebellion against God and His commandments. The main initiator of this rebellion is pseudo Pope Francis Bergoglio, who occupies his office unlawfully, protects and promotes sexual perverts in the highest positions.

The brave Archbishop Viganò called on the pseudo Pope along with the homosexual lobby of bishops and cardinals to resign in order that the process of the Church’s restoration may be started. Bergoglio responded by officially approving sodomy through the Synod.

Bergoglio and the sodomites in the highest places in the Church have brought the Church to the brink of schism, and the question arises: What is now the solution for the Church?

Anathema on the Bishops’ Synod (+video)

October 28, 2018

On October 4-28, 2018, the Bishops’ Synod on Youth took place in Rome. By a final document dated October 27, 2018, the Synod legalized LGBTQ in the Church. It thus abolished sin, the commandments of God, and introduced antimorality. It rejected the basic condition of salvation – repentance – and spat in the face of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ! Such a Church ceased to be the Church of Christ and became the Church of Antichrist and the harlot of Satan!

On October 28, 2018, by authority of the apostolic and prophetic office, the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate declared an anathema: All members of the Bishops’ Synod who approved the final document are, according to Gal 1:8-9, excommunicated from the Church! (anathema sit!). According to the dogmatic bull of Paul IV Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio, the final document of the Synod is without force!

Rainbow Francis and a mockery of the cross

October 26, 2018

Both the Catholic and the world public are shocked by the gesture of Francis at the Synod of Bishops in the Vatican. On October 17, Francis wore a rainbow cross where Christ is replaced by LGBTQ rainbow symbolism. The bishops and cardinals present, following his example, were wearing rainbow crosses as well. They thus demonstrated unity with Francis in promoting LGBTQ deviation. Everyone knows what a rainbow symbol means today. Perhaps no one would be surprised if the Synod ended with a Vatican gay pride parade.

On October 23, 2018, Cardinal Tagle said: “The humane regard of the Church to people, whatever their sexual orientation may be, was very much discussed. I have a ‘hunch’ that ‘LGBTQ’ will be in Youth Synod final document.”

In the spirit of the Synod, Card. Tagle discarded the reality of sin and used an “innocent” term of “sexual orientation”. He hinted indirectly that the main objective of the Synod is to change Catholic thinking about sodomy and to accept sexual perversions as a standard. The law of God and the commandments of Christ are thus eliminated. It is open rebellion against God!

Synod of Bishops: “The Wisdom of Time” is the abdication of Francis

October 14, 2018

A global project “The Wisdom of Time” should be launched at the Synod of Bishops on October 23, 2018. It would be appropriate if this project launched the resignation of Bergoglio and the process of restoration of the Church initiated by Archbishop Viganò.

Francis secretly seeks to legitimize homosexuality in the Church and says that the wisdom of time is “a healthy utopia”. But today the Church needs to be based on reality rather than on Bergoglio’s utopia!

Instead of protecting faith and morals, which is the primary duty of the Pope, the pseudo Pope is doing the exact opposite. In Amoris Laetitia, he has denied the existence of universal moral principles, and his projects are already putting moral decay into practice. How? In a clever way! The Synod has a Secretariat General where he has appointed his people to promote the legalization of homosexuality!

What is the real aim of the Synod of Bishops?

October 7, 2018

The Synod of Bishops on Youth is taking place in Rome from October 3 to October 28, 2018. The Synod in fact seeks to embody the heresies and spirit of Amoris Laetitia which opens the door to the legalization of homosexuality in the Church. The main initiator is Francis. He has chosen 39 like-minded legates to monitor the Synod. Among them are Card. Marx, a member of the C9 Council and advocate of same-sex marriage in the Church, Chicago’s Card. Cupich, a supporter of homosexuality and migration, Card. J.W. Tobin who has covered up for McCarrick until this day, and others like them. They will lead the Synod to the conclusions determined in advance by Francis.

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Word of Life

“Likewise you also, reckon yourselves to be dead indeed to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Rom 6:11 (4/11/2018 – 18/11/2018)