Why will the flag of Tibet not be raised in the Vatican?

5 February 2018

Francis wants friendly relations with China; therefore he is careful so as not to meet with the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama’s repeated requests for an audience in the Vatican repeatedly meet with a negative response.

Francis has changed his policy towards China and hence also towards the illegal Catholic Church, which is subordinate to the Vatican and represented by 86-year-old Card. Joseph Zen Ze-kiun from Hong Kong. When he wanted to meet with Francis, he was not admitted, and during the weekly Wednesday audience on 25 January he had to stand in the cold with the tourists. He was de facto rejected by Francis.

The state church in China, unlike the illegal one, is separated from the Vatican. Francis has recently deprived the authorities of the representatives of the illegal church who have been replaced by representatives of the state church.

Hurricane in Moscow – God’s punishment for abusing the relics of St Nicholas

30 May 2017

On the feast of the translation of the relics of St Nicholas, 22 May, Patriarch Kirill solemnly welcomed a delegation from the apostate Vatican in the Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow who brought one of the saint’s ribs. It was said impressively that his rib was far more powerful than other relics the Orthodox Church had possessed long ago. The delegation was led by the Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity (in heresy), Msgr. A. Palmieri, and members of the delegation were also representatives of the Ecumenical Institute in Bari. Russian President Vladimir Putin was forced to thank Pope Francis for lending the rib. Kirill awarded the First-, Second- and Third-Class medals to the Vatican delegates who manipulated the holy relics with the aim of opening of the door to ecumenism and consequently creating globalization unity with the heretical Vatican.

The Vatican, repentance, Pentecost

27 May 2017

Catholics, pray before Pentecost for the Holy Spirit to blow upon the blind and apostate Vatican on the Day of Pentecost (4 June 2017), so that it may gain sight! May the resurrection of the Catholic Church come through true repentance!

It was the heresies of Vatican Council II (1965) which opened the door for the Islamization of Europe, holding that we have the same God as Muslims. It is true that there is only one God, but Islam does not acknowledge this true and only God! Islam confesses bloodthirsty Allah, the highest of the 360 pagan gods of Mecca. The evidence of the fact that Christians and Muslims do not have the same God is the unceasing terrorist attacks on Christians and the ritual beheading for the faith in the Christian God. There was another mass assassination of Christians in Egypt yesterday (28 killed, including 2 children, 22 wounded).

Patriarch Kirill uttered Vatican II heresy

29 April 2017

On the day of the Resurrection of Christ, 16 April 2017, Patriarch Kirill uttered a heresy:

Quote: “I know that there are Christians and Muslims, but each refers to the same God, the Creator, and in response to this we have the real God’s help.”

According to Kirill, the Orthodox and Muslims refer to the same God. This is the Catholic heresy of Vatican II (1965). On the other hand, the leading representatives of Islam, unlike Kirill and Vatican II, do not say that we have the same God. On the contrary, Mohammed wrote about Christians in the Koran: “Indeed they are disbelievers who say: The Messiah, son of Mary, is God!” (5:72) “And slacken not in seeking these people!” (4:104) “You killed them not, but it was Allah who killed them…” (8:17) This is evidently, in Kirill’s view, the real “God’s” (Allah’s) help we have!

Vatican II (1965) also declared a heresy stating that Catholics have the same God as pagans.

On the occasion of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s 90th birthday

4 April 2017

Benedict XVI

Pope Emeritus

The necessity of proclaiming the invalidity of Vatican II as well as of the beatification of John Paul II

Your Eminence,

on the occasion of Your approaching 90th birthday, we are bound to remind You again of the disastrous situation in the Church as well as of what You can still do both for her sake and for the sake of Your soul.

You were a direct participant (peritus) of the Second Vatican Council.

What were the spiritual roots of Vatican II? The Council was pushed through by John XXIII under the slogan “aggiornamento”. John XXIII (Angelo Roncalli) was convicted of the Modernist heresy in 1911 when he was a professor at the seminary in Bergamo. Benedict XV rehabilitated Roncalli, and Roncalli was assigned to the Congregation of Propaganda and also lectured at the Roman seminary. Pius XI isolated Roncalli as a heretic by sending him as Apostolic Visitor to Bulgaria and Turkey in the years 1925-1944. Thereafter, to everyone’s surprise, apparently under pressure from Freemasons, Pius XII appointed him Apostolic Nuncio to Paris. In Paris, he formed a close friendship with a leading Freemason E. Herriot, Mayor of Lyon and President of the French National Assembly. This friendship with Masons opened the way to his further career. Before the papal elections no one thought of Roncalli, but he betrayed himself when he said some time later: “I was certain that I would emerge from the conclave as Pope.”

Pope Emeritus – 90 years – an example of repentance

19 March 2017

Card. Joseph Ratzinger

Pope Emeritus

Your Eminence,

on Sunday 16 April, when the Church will celebrate the Resurrection of Christ, we will also commemorate Your 90th birthday. We wish You not only health but above all grace for spiritual resurrection both in Your life and through You in the whole Church! Spiritual resurrection depends on one condition, and that is repentance. Become an example of repentance to the paralyzed Church!

What does God and the suffering Church require of You concretely at this time?

Make a brave stand against the Vatican II myth and call the heresy contained in the decree Nostra Aetate (NA) by its proper name. The statement about a regard for pagan cults – so-called religions – is associated with a regard for their demons too. And this is not only heresy but the road to mass apostasy which destroys true mission and opens the door to the anti-mission of pagan cults among Catholics deceived by Vatican II!

Furthermore, state clearly the truth that our Triune God is not the same as the highest god of Mecca! The Council declared a self-destructive heresy. The decree NA mendaciously appeals to Pope St Gregory VII with the aim of manipulating the opinion.

A call on Europe to repent /To Leaders of EU Member States/ (+ video)

7 March 2017

To Leaders of EU Member States

The new President of the European Parliament announced that 20 million immigrants from Africa would soon come to Europe. The migration wave is mainly composed of young Muslims aged 18-35 years. If each of them will thereafter bring along his wife, there will be 20 million more of them. If this family will have only three children, for example, though Muslim families have an average of 8 children, Europe will host 100 million Arabs and Africans in the near future. Additionally, the influx of migrants, not just from Africa, is growing steadily. 70% completely illiterate “revivalists of Europe” are coming from Afghanistan. The young Muslims are no refugees. In accordance with their religion, their programme is jihad! Every Muslim is a soldier of Islam.

Repent, and believe in the Gospel (Mk 1:15) – Part 6. Vatican Council II and heresies

Lent 2017


In what times did the Council begin and what issues needed to be addressed? Under the influence of German Protestant theology, the heresies of Modernism condemned by Pope St Pius X (1907) were revived. The promotion of decadent influences increased in the world, which took on a mass character through the expansion of television and began to manipulate every family. The decadent influences programmed family crises and thus unleashed an avalanche of divorces. Popularization of rock music entailed an invasion of the cult of violence, impurity and occultism.

The demand of the times was to give clear doctrinal and moral directives against the heresies of Neo-Modernism and against demoralization. Instead of the renewal of Christianity came the opposite. The programme of John XXIII through so-called aggiornamento started the process of opening to the world. Its culmination today is the heretical exhortation Amoris Laetitia which destroys objective moral standards.

How is it possible that the II Vatican Council declared a heresy of syncretism with paganism as well as a heresy holding that our God is identical with the pagan moon god of Mecca?

In a 1963 session when 2,135 bishops on average participated in the meetings, only a little over 200 (10%) took the floor in the debate. The other 90% never spoke and limited themselves to listening and voting.

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Word of Life

“Therefore, as one trespass led to condemnation for all men, so one act of righteousness leads to justification and life for all men.”

Rom 5:18 (12/8/2018 – 26/8/2018)