The Bible and morality

November 7, 2018

Life is a test which decides whether we will have a happy or unhappy eternity. The biggest reality is death. The purpose of life is not the pursuit of sensual pleasures, the less so becoming their slave. The purpose of life is to seek the truth, to love it, to sacrifice ourselves for it, and, if necessary, even to die for it. Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, is the Truth Incarnate. We who have accepted the Truth – Jesus – become the adoptive (second-born) sons and daughters of God (cf. Jn 1:12). God wants us to save our souls for eternity (cf. Mk 8:35; Jn 12:24). If we actively enter into spiritual unity with Jesus, we have the strength to resist the source of evil in us, the system of lies in the world as well as the spirit of lies, the devil (cf. Jam 4:4-8). Jesus is the Way (Jn 14:6). To follow this Way, God has given us laws and commandments whose observance requires self-denial and the following of Jesus (Mt 16:24).

The apostate hierarchy promotes antilaws, an antigospel and the spirit of the world – aggiornamento – in the Church. It is a betrayal of the essence and the way to (temporal) hell here on earth and (eternal) hell after death!

Touch Jesus in Holy Communion (+german version)

The Lord Jesus is really present in the Divine Liturgy. When we receive His Body and Blood in Holy Communion, we need to realize: “Jesus, You are in me now.” Jesus asks every one of us: “What do you want Me to do for you?” If you have a concrete problem, tell Him: “Lord, this is my problem – I am ill. You are my Physician, You are almighty!” And Jesus says to you the same as He said to the women in the Gospel who came to Him with a fervent plea or to the parents who asked Him to heal their child: “Let it be done for you as you have believed!” Or He says to you as He said to the leper: “I am willing; be cleansed!” Jesus is the same, and He is present in the Eucharist. He comes in a special way. When you receive His Body and Blood, He comes to you and becomes your guest. Think of Zacchaeus who wished to see Jesus, and Jesus said to him: “I must stay at your house today!” and entered his house. Jesus comes into your soul in the same way today. Say to Him: “Jesus, You are the Lord of the universe!” Jesus asks you: “What do you want Me to do for you?” So tell Him concretely what you want.

Liturgy and liturgical space

1 November 2018

The Second Vatican Council set out a liturgical reform. Latin as the liturgical language was abolished and the mother tongue was introduced. The priest began to say the Mass facing the people with his back to the tabernacle. In many cases, the tabernacle was placed in the side chapel. The biblical model of the temple – the holy of holies, the sanctuary, and the place for the people – was thus distorted. In the Catholic temple, the tabernacle corresponded to the place of God’s dwelling – the holy of holies, and the altar in the chancel corresponded to the place of the offering of sacrifice by the priest. It was separated from the space for the people by a rail, and in the Eastern liturgy it is still separated by an iconostasis. This is to emphasize the sacredness of this space where God dwells and where the unbloody sacrifice is offered to God. Before the liturgical reform, the priest faced the tabernacle with his back to the people. In this position, he was better able to concentrate on experiencing the mystery of the Eucharist, and he also did not disturb others as he did not draw attention to himself.

The Bishops’ Synod and the Epistle of the Apostle Peter

October 31, 2018

Although Francis Bergoglio is a heretic under an anathema and a promoter of sodomy, he vehemently presents himself as a valid successor to the Apostle Peter. The fact that he does not have the Spirit of Christ but the spirit of Antichrist is proved by his line of purposeful incorporation of sodomy into the Church and unyielding promotion of Islamization. His last breakthrough was that he handpicked the delegates for the Synod of the Bishops, with the purpose of, for the time being semi-secretly, promoting the legalization of sodomy in the Church.

A bishop from Cameroon was shocked at what the Bishops’ Synod was actually discussing, and expressed genuine concerns that when he returns to his diocese with such a result, 99.9% of his believers will knock on his door and ask him threateningly what the Synod’s approval of LGBT means!?

In the post-synodal atmosphere, Bergoglio and the alliance of church sodomites create the impression that homosexuality was not discussed at all. Card. Marx, who openly promotes same-sex marriages in churches, has told the massmedia without the trace of a blush that it was not a synod on LGBT but a synod on the young. A similar impression has been created by Bishop Holub: “We have adopted a document on youth… Thank God and Pope Francis! I’m excited!” Why such excitement?

Anti Immorality Youth Manifesto

17 October 2018

Part 1 – The message to young people, a pure ideal

Part 2 – Unclean bondage and liberation in Christ

Part 3 – The Bishops’ Synod digs a grave for youth

Part 1 – The message to young people, a pure ideal

The Church ceased to be the salt of the world and the pillar of truth. The process of self-destruction of Christianity and humanity is proceeding. The spiritual breakthrough occurred at the Second Vatican Council with the so-called aggiornamento. The invasion of occultism, Eastern paganism associated with yoga, oriental meditations and practices followed. The conditions for the life of faith in which the previous Christian generations were formed have been destroyed. The ideal of heroism in the battle for moral purity has fallen. The young generation is shaped purely by consumerism. It is not prepared by premarital chastity for the life mission of family life, though it is chastity which has always secured the stability of the future marriage.

The popularization of impurity and the elimination of moral laws have resulted in the spread of immorality. Lifestyle has changed. The Christian principles have been pushed aside and the reality of death, God’s judgment and eternity have disappeared from consciousness.

The spirit of self-destruction has also penetrated into religious communities. A so-called regard for paganism has destroyed the missionary ideal of the salvation of souls. Instead, an anti-mission of paganism has started on Christian territory.

Jesus and I, together! Never more alone! (+german version)

Jesus loves you; He puts His trust in you. Never say that something is beyond your power. God always gives us the strength. Trust in God’s Word which says: “When I am weak, then I am strong.” Do not believe in the words of the devil who says: You can’t stick it any longer! These are the devil’s words, and the old self like a cunning fox full of pride is inclined to believe this nonsense and lies over and over again!

Each day has enough trouble of its own, but I need to give it to the Lord. Don’t let it worry me, and if I must carry it, so let me carry it together with Jesus – Jesus and I. Only one thing is needed: together – Jesus and you!!! Jesus and I, together! Never more alone! We need to try it in practice not just every day but a number of times a day. And not just for one or two days but until death. This is the miraculous remedy for everything: union with Jesus!!!

Masonic Grand Master Versus Byzantine Patriarchate (+video)

30 July 2018

The Grandmaster of the Masonic Lodge has spoken on the radio in the Czech Republic and, among other things, said: “Masonry is more or less a spiritually charitable organization.”

There are two basic spiritualities in the world: Christian spirituality, which worships true God, and antichristian spirituality, which worships pagan deities, or fallen angels – demons.

God created both the visible and invisible world. The invisible world includes spirits or angels. When put to the test, a large number of angels stood up against God. The proud angels became anti-gods, demons. Akbar, i.e. the highest of the demons – Lucifer, was later called Satan.

Wielki mistrz masonerii kontra Patriarchat Bizantyjski (+ wideo – Polish version)


Na falach czeskiego radio wystąpił wielki mistrz loży masońskiej i powiedział, między innymi, że: „masoneria jest, mniej więcej, organizacją ocharakterze duchowo-charytatywnym„. W świecie istnieją dwa rodzaje duchowości: chrześcijańska, która czci Prawdziwego Boga, i antychrześcijańska, która czci pogańskie bóstwa czyli upadłe anioły-demony.

Bóg stworzył świat widzialny i niewidzialny. Do świata niewidzialnego należą duchy i aniołowie. Podczas próby duża część aniołów zbuntowała się przeciwko Bogu. Butne anioły stały się antybogami, demonami. Akbar, to znaczy największy z demonów, Lucyfer, później nazwany Szatanem.

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Word of Life

“Likewise you also, reckon yourselves to be dead indeed to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Rom 6:11 (4/11/2018 – 18/11/2018)